Moving Pictures in Second Life

Nitroglobus Gallery (adult)

OK, this post is sort of backwards. I finally made it to the Nitroglobus Gallery and, with my typical fumbling misdirection, I actually landed at sea level rather than the main gallery.

I strongly recommend you check it out, once you’ve wandered through the sky build, because it’s well worth your time. There is more art and a landscape that pulled me in and had me camming and clicking like a maniac. :)

Nitroglobus Gallery (adult)

This became an emotional experience for me and I named this blog offering Moving in both senses of the word. The first objects I saw in the main space were by Tutsy NAvArAthnA↑, a master of machinima↑ and somebody I didn’t associate with 2D art. I know better now! :)

Although there are a number of artists exhibiting in the space at the moment, I was drawn to those by the two owners, Dido Haas↑ and Nitro Fireguard. Dido’s re-imagining of the Community sculpture in different media started my journey into personal reflection.

Nitroglobus Gallery (adult)

However, it was Nitro’s works that affected me deeply. I love art and what it can do, but I honestly don’t remember feeling this involved with any works. The next two static images obviously can’t convey the movement in these pieces.

I identified with the figure (maybe because the skin and hair are similar to mine) and her dance around the other character. The latter reminded me of a cross between Kokopelli and Loki, and certainly of my love for and time spent in Navajo locations.

Nitroglobus Gallery (adult)

What totally knocked me off an even emotional keel was the serendipitous soundtrack which started as I enjoyed these two works. Snow Patrol began singing Run to me and the chorus of the song is a message I’ve been trying for over a year to convey to someone. Oh it’s not a romantic connection, but it is strong and he’s off creating a first life – something I really want for him.

Forcing me to look at myself, and my journey, with the music had a powerful effect. For once I didn’t feel like a spectator and actually got involved. If I’d known this was going to happen I would have waited until I’d finished my coffee. *sigh*

Nitroglobus Gallery (adult)


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  1. It’s the music that’ll do it to you… every time.

  2. Thanks soo much for your visit to Nitroglobus gallery and our home sim! I loved your photo of our sofa bed with the artwork of Ini Inaka above. My fav spot :-)
    Wow, I will tell Nitro you were touched by his mesh moving sculptures.
    Please do come back to visit the new exhibition at Nitroglobus by Sina Souza in our main hall. She is our new guest exhibitor since last Monday (2 September) .
    Dido Haas, manager
    Nitroglobus gallery


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