The Landscape Junkie’s Dilemma in Second Life

Port City of Praven (adult)

We all have biases – at my age, of course, they are fair and reasonable. *grin* The ones that are many decades old are firmly and permanently entrenched. One of my personal, and most deeply felt, loathings is for the works of Jon Norman who created the Gorean world.

Rather than doing another of my own rants I’ll just quote The Encyclopedia of Fantasy “later volumes degenerate into extremely sexist, sadomasochistic pornography involving the ritual humiliation of women”, and “Science fiction/fantasy author Michael Moorcock (who) has suggested that the Gor novels should be placed on the top shelves of bookstores, saying, “I’m not for censorship but I am for strategies which marginalize stuff that works to objectify women and suggests women enjoy being beaten.”

Port City of Praven (adult)

One of the results of my animosity is that I won’t voluntarily visit a Gorean sim. If I land on one, and discover that this is the nature of the location, I just leave. This hasn’t been a difficult position to keep, but it has led to some personal disappointment. The few glimpses I’ve had of those destinations always seemed to show that they are really well built.

I’m a landscape junkie and, as offensive as I find that roleplay, there are some really gorgeous places I wish I could feel comfortable exploring.

This morning I followed a Slurl from another tremendous image by Karro Lean (one of those talented people I’d like to be when I grow up). I found myself on an adult sim, in a Gorean landscape, but this time with a difference.

Port City of Praven (adult)

I think I’m correct in saying that this isn’t a roleplay sim – it is the home of the Fantasy Gatcha Fair and an example of Gorean design. It’s definitely the closest I’ll ever get to wandering around a sample of their world. I didn’t check out the items on offer – I’ve seen the word Gatcha and think it has something to do with shopping, which as we all know is not my area of expertise.

If I’m wrong about the roleplay, please yell at me. I’ll kick myself and delete this post.

Port City of Praven (adult)

I didn’t see any slaves or chains. I did see a number of tourists who weren’t in costume appropriate for the storylines – so I’m pretty sure my conclusions are safe. :) I also saw some beautiful textures and details.

As a side note, I saw something else when I logged on. I’ve been going inworld as my alt lately and just happened to notice that there were six of AnneMarie’s cars in a pile on the road next to my home. I’ve been a bad resident if I’ve gone so long without cleaning up the trash. I’ll go back in now, return the stupid things and apologize to the neighbours. I wonder if I can charge her parking fees …….

Port City of Praven (adult)
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  1. It is a shopping area. For now at least, while the fair is still on. :) I’m not a fan of the Gor ideals myself. When it comes to Gor in SL, I’m ambivalent about it once I realized that the women who RP Gor do it on their own free will.

    I suspect the Gor subculture is large enough that catering to Goreans brings profit, which in turn gets channeled into better builds, more intricate designs and larger amount of products that are so well done. Gor jewelleries for example, are so detailed.

    • sigh – Ok I’ll try and figure out when the fair ends so I can plan :P I understand the argument of “they do it of their own free will”, what I don’t understand is that we prohibit child sex play although that involves adults doing it of their own free will, we prohibit a number of offensive things even though roleplay is voluntary – it’s when faced with violence against women that somehow “free will” is enough to ensure its acceptance. But I am NOT going to vent :p

      • Come to think if it, that is a valid point. I never thought of it that way before…

  2. Yes! Love the sim design build. Adore that clever covered bridge entrance. Liked a lot of the Gacha machine items. Nearby landscapes are just as good as the festival setting.

    I have no idea if this is a long-term RP sim for Gor. The amount of shops and product for the Gor lifestyle seems to be growing and growing. The quality of textures and product keeps growing too.

    • I’ll see if I can find the dates for the Gatcha Fair and, when it ends, I’ll double check the sim. :) I do love the build!

  3. Inara Pey

     /  August 15, 2013

    I confess to having a soft spot for John Norman and his Gor series. It’s the middle of a peat bog in Ireland. Now, if I could just get him to pay it a visit. Those automated SL cars would probably fit as well …

  4. AnnMaries cars is a mess! D:

  5. Elle Couerblanc

     /  August 17, 2013

    Hello…I am a real life feminist who role plays in Gor, LOL. I am often conflicted about my choice to take part of the genre because I find the concept of real life slavery despicable. I also take issue with some of the women I come across, albeit occasionally, who claim to be a “RL Slave”. When they say that to me I simply roll my eyes behind the keyboard and reply to them, “Yeah..right. I would think some of the women who are kidnapped and forced to work in a brothel would be pleased with your joyous claims.”

    What brings me back after breaks? The people and the quality of writing. Honestly, they are some of the nicest people in Second Life ROFL. I have yet to feel uncomfortable in any situation – annoyed yes – but uncomfortable? No. Oddly enough I largely play a slave but she’s not the norm. She hates her slavery and will never see herself as one who will be okay with being nothing but a beautiful object of desire.

    Anyway, I guess the point of my post is I totally get what you are saying about being repelled by Gor. On a philosophical level, I am completely in line with you. But the wealth of material one can draw from as a writer (even if Norman is a crap writer – his universe is interesting) and the long term stability of the community has it’s benefits. Feel free to talk to me at any point in world if you have any interest.

    • Elle Couerblanc

       /  August 17, 2013

      oooh typos – I would think some of the women who are kidnapped and forced to work in a brothel would NOT be pleased with your joyous claims.

  6. Idril

     /  August 21, 2013

    Hi, I visited the Fantasy Gotcha on Pravan because I didn’t realize at first what they meant by “fantasy.” After looking at some of the offerings I decided it’s a fantasy for big breasts, nudity, and humiliation. Sadly, that seem to no longer be a male wet-dream. That said, there were some nice offerings from Evie’s Closet, Freya, and a furniture maker whose name I cannot recall. After realizing it was an Adult rated sim and that the majority of merchants offered nothing I wanted (I prefer tops with my bikinis. Tops that cover my nipples.), I left. I once flirted with Gor and the BDSM community in SL because one of my best friends IRL was involved with it in SL. It was mostly boring, filled with avatars (who may have been male), who can’t string two coherent words together in an imaginative fashion.

    • LOL :) I’m sooooo not a shopper – but I wouldn’t have been interested either. You reminded me to keep check though to see when the Fair ends.

      It IS an opportunity to check out a Gorean build without being dunked in the middle of their roleplay.

  7. Osith

     /  September 10, 2013

    As the maker of the sim, I totally invite you to wander around as much as you like, the sim is not being used for RP atm, so you’re welcome to go anywhere you wish to explore

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