Online Games in Second Life

Online Games (moderate)

It could be that as we get older we get crankier, and that’s why we seem to go into lecture mode so often. OK, maybe it’s just me. :) It might also be that age gives you the ability to see different things from a slight distance, putting them into perspective and resulting in a more objective view.

I saw something today that made me feel nauseous. What it didn’t do was surprise me, and that’s just sad.

The name of the sim, Online Games, is appropriate for the resulting vent.

Online Games (moderate)

The metaverse, and its accompanying technologies, empowers. It facilitates creativity and education and connections. It doesn’t care about backgrounds or physical abilities or social strata. If you have access to a computer and the internet you have just as much right to be there and participate as anybody else.

That freedom and empowerment allows the shy to become social, the nascent artists to blossom, the frustrated writers to compose, and the thinkers to share their thoughts. It also makes it possible for those, to whom high school was the pinnacle of all things wonderful, to act out their perennially prepubescent power games.

Online Games (moderate)

One of my tasks, back in the dark ages, was to teach ethics to senior business executives. We tried a number of different techniques; Harvard Business School type case studies, role-playing, lists of rules and forbidden actions, constant evaluations and penalties, etc.

The most effective approach turned out to be the simplest. A small business card sized reminder was given to everybody reading “If you wouldn’t want to see it on the front page of the newspaper, Don’t Do It!”.

Online Games (moderate)

The sense of anonymity inherent in our online lives makes that recommendation less helpful (although, I still wish people would consider it). The golden rule is apparently inadequate and it would be unreasonable to force people to wait until their brains had achieved the same level of maturity as their bodies.

So, perhaps there should be some education required before individuals can go online and release their inner snarky sociopath.  As a first attempt, I’ll suggest something written many years before the worst offenders were born. It’s simplistic (which will help the thought-challenged) and easy enough, for those who wish they’d never had to leave the school-yard, to grasp. It would be a portion of the famous essay/poem All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten:

Share everything.
Play fair.
Don’t hit people.
Put things back where you found them.
Clean up your own mess.
Don’t take things that aren’t yours.
Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.
Wash your hands before you eat.
Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.
Live a balanced life –
Learn some and think some
And draw and paint and sing and dance
And play and work everyday some.
Take a nap every afternoon.
When you go out into the world,
Watch out for traffic,
Hold hands and stick together.
Be aware of wonder.

Online Games (moderate)
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  1. My outer cranky sociopath provides cover from behind which my inner snarky sociopath can operate freely.


  2. These are beautiful photos as usual and this looks like a place I’ll want to visit soon.

    I’ve been getting crankier myself and it may be because I’m aware of less time and also…..well; I’ll just leave it at that. :-)

  3. ahuva18

     /  August 12, 2013

    Now THAT is a comment to which I can really relate “Maybe Cranky is the New Black”. I think I will toss out the “inspirational” sentence I have in my business signature and use that instead. Thanks, Honour

  4. hrm, your links usually work for me, but these didn’t seem to transport me there. I tried a place name search and only found a group, not a location. I’ll leave you a message in-game (or whatever it’s called) when I’ve tried it again later. Maybe it was a temporary glitch?

  5. Αs an avid gaming fan, I just wanted to drop you a
    brief word or three to say thank you for putting
    this up.


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