Urban Second Life

Urban (moderate)

Most of you will be far too young to remember the Naked City, an old TV series with a tagline about there being 8 million stories in the aforementioned location. The mood was enhanced by the fact that it was in black & white – which wasn’t so much an artistic choice as it was the fact that colour televisions weren’t around much.

The internet reminds me a lot of that show, but then we’ve established that I’m peculiar. :)

Urban (moderate)

There’s an awful lot that I don’t know about the metaverse and I keep tripping over small reminders of my ignorance. For example, I used to be ruled by a schedule – my daytimer was my bible until it was replaced with an electronic calendar. It was a harsh and unforgiving task master and I hated it.

This loathing means that I never click on the Google button labelled “calendar”. At least I didn’t until darling Saffia forced me to. I discovered something the rest of you probably already knew – people have been trying to reach me through that thing. They’ve been sharing their stories with me there and I had no idea it was even possible.

Urban (moderate)

One was a woman dying of cancer whose husband has predeceased her and left millions of dollars sitting in a bank account. Her nurse (who must be hoping for a large bequest) had written a plea for my help to get that money out of the hands of the bad guys and (oddly enough) into my own pocket.

Another was an obviously cultured gentleman who was hoping I’d assist him – he wants to deny the corrupt politicians in his government another huge sum of money before they use it for their nefarious schemes. How many more poor unfortunate cries for help have I missed?

Urban (moderate)

Although I didn’t try to capture it in black & white, the sim called Urban↑ seemed like an appropriate backdrop for today’s musings. My journey reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to point out (if you don’t already know that is) – if you disable Ambient Occlusion in your graphics settings then you are also turning off Shadow Smoothing. Surprise!

I found an abandoned basketball court which seemed like a much more peaceful location for me to catch up on some stories I’ve missed. I’ll never know all 8 million, but I should at least try and pay attention to a few.

Urban (moderate)
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  1. DJ Frenzy

     /  August 11, 2013

    Destination confirmed…going on a visitsoon


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