The Reality I’ve Missed By Being in Second Life

Paradise Lost Remade (moderate)

One of the most common pieces of advice given (well, shouted with a sneer), to those of us who enjoy this virtual world, is to “get a life”. The cognoscenti dismiss the many fine attributes of Second Life and try and convince us that we’re missing out on something.

Paradise Lost Remade (moderate)

To be fair to us it should be pointed out that, for most residents, lawns still need to be mowed, family and friends still need to be seen and conversed with, pay cheques are still earned, and the real world still takes its pound of flesh. However, it is true that many of us seem to spend a lot of time in the metaverse ignoring the wonders of the physical realm.

Paradise Lost Remade (moderate)

I said I was going to take a couple of days to relax and I did that. I puttered a bit, napped a lot, tried to setup the voice mail on my phone, and read some books. When I sat down in a comfortable chair with my novels, I turned on the television to have golf in the background. It’s been a long time since I watched much golf – in fact, it’s been a long time since I watched the magic box at all.

Paradise Lost Remade (moderate)

I discovered that the world has, in fact, moved on while I was consumed with the “make believe cartoon life” I’ve been enjoying. My jaw literally dropped when I realized that there are people who curl their hair in a giant slurpee cup, God is now matchmaking, and camp has progressed to nauseating extremes.

Civilization as I remember it has ended. I’m going to stick with the virtual. :)

Paradise Lost Remade (moderate)
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  1. Great pictures of our Honour. Thanks for visiting : )

  2. haha. I feel like that at times. I forget that there is a TV. I don’t know when I last saw a commercial or even watched the news.

  3. People have to balance their interests based on where they are in life, and not judge others. I’m almost never in-world anymore because I have two growing daughters. That’s a reality I can’t afford to miss. I’d like to share my virtual reality with them, but until Linden Labs changes their policies, I can’t do so. Do I think my life is more worthwhile because it is less virtual? Not at all. Everything is an experience. It does not matter whence that experience comes. Such a divisive dichotomy is artificial.

    • Balance is goodness :) My one life includes both real and virtual – those who ruin their lives will do it even if SL didn’t exist – and I enjoy the combination of the two.

  4. Inara Pey

     /  August 5, 2013

    “Get a life”. OMG…. We’re now the Church of the Latter Day Trekker/ies in the eyes of the world?! No wonder I feel so at home! :D

  5. your captures were poignant, and I whole heartedly agree, virtuality trumps this reality any ole day. btw.. the music vid by David Hadhisa$$doff, is pure evil *shudders*

  6. omg on the tv stuff… i actually haven’t seen any since the mid 90s. the hair in a slurpee cup reminded me of that thing (80s or even 70s maybe) that attached to a vacuum cleaner nozzle and was supposed to give a hair cut. or at least mangle.
    anyway, tv was never real life, not fair to compare.

    and hey, don’t hassle the hoff!

  7. Rezarea

     /  August 8, 2013

    I think it’s not fair to say that either SL or physical (first, real whatever) life is better, less boring, more satisfying etc. It all depends on HOW you live a life and who you CHOOSE to involve with and indulge yourself in.

    Commitments and dedications to avatars in SL are different in the way that there is a lack of body language and no possibility of looking each other in an eye that both add something unique and very strong to what is shared. No skin touching either in SL, which provides us with a form of skin hunger when someone really gets close to you and would be a person you would like to hug, kiss or more. On the other hand, the benefit of SL contacts (virtual worlds in general) is that most of the times it is easier to share details you would feel embarrassed about in that first life, because there is this feel of safety of the virtual distance, that also generates a feeling of bonding strangely enough when sharing becomes intimate (I do not mean sexually intimate, but personal opinions, secrets and stuff you would not share that quick in physical life.).

    For me the quality of any life depends on how people are capable to be a real and true friend, no matter who you are and what you think or say. I do not call it respect ( I find that a disguising word myself, because respect often is being misused as an excuse to permit misbehavior) but a deep sense of trust and commitment that makes it possible to give and endure a form of criticism without losing reason and without getting mad. Constructive versus destructive might be what I mean. Though I like a sharp mind and on the edge discussions to make a point.

    Life is good, as long as you know how to enjoy it.
    Right now I prefer real life for instance and find SL boring (sorry).
    I also know that will change again some day.
    The combination of needs makes me travel through both worlds, but not necessarily at the same day all times.


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