A Beach Respite in Second Life

Black Basalt Beach (moderate)

Real life is a little too all-consuming at the moment, certainly enough that I can’t spend much time inworld.  I did manage a trip this morning, following in the footsteps of other Intrepid Explorers (such as Ziki), and made it to Black Basalt Beach.

Black Basalt Beach (moderate)

I think you’ll like this sim and, for those of you who want to rez pose stands or props, you’ll find that it generously allows you building rights. As always, I’d remind you not to abuse the privilege. :)

Black Basalt Beach (moderate)

Although the name doesn’t tell you this, much of the region is actually rocky hills and trails. There are some wonderful little spots to sit and contemplate your lives or do some bird watching.

Black Basalt Beach (moderate)

I loved the textures and the mesh. If you want a charming getaway, head to Black Basalt Beach. I’ll go try and sort out my little patch of the physical world and envy the rest of you. 

Black Basalt Beach (moderate)
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  1. Thank you so very much. Your post today is just what I needed to chase away the RL blues.

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