Finding Stuff in Second Life

LOL (moderate)

There’s no way for me to organize my brain cells such that I can easily remember all the places I’ve visited inworld. Everytime I encountered images from a sim called LOL, I told myself I’d been there and went looking for something new.

This morning I finally searched my photo and blog archives and couldn’t find any mention of this region – so I went exploring.

LOL (moderate)

First I found a large parcel owned by Pallina60 Loon, an artist I enjoy and don’t encounter nearly enough. I was taking shots of her exhibit, which is called Time Flies, and played around a bit capturing (what I thought was) a reflecting pool.

Then I derendered the water for the first image in this post and happened to look back at the pond. I didn’t expect this!

LOL (moderate)

Next I looked over one of the hills and found another parcel with a build called Hybris. There is a lot of very cool stuff on this island – including some unusual freebies, one of which is an origami balloon you can ride. I found a display of 2d art next to a giant thing which grows and blooms in a slightly bewildering manic manner. This was a fun morning. :)

LOL (moderate)

Speaking of “finds” – I have two more items for your blog reading list. The first is called Second Life Play Instinct and is for all you gamers out there. I like it because I need a source of information on this aspect of Second Life which is totally outside my comfort zone, the fact that it’s written by a woman is just gravy.

The second is a new feed for non-fashion related blogs. You can find shopping posts, travel blogs, and general interest writing as well on LivingSL. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go inspect this crazy build that keeps growing and look for some more cool freebies. :)

LOL (moderate)
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  1. Oh, I am surprised that LOL is still there. Pallina told me recently that the place will be abandoned..

  2. So, in LOL expect the closing of the sim. Thanks for the post, Honour, and for your visit. PS-You lost the secret room under the broken glass. If you walked on it, you fell into the room ^^

  3. Rose

     /  August 6, 2013

    Yes, I tried to go to LOL tonight (Aug 7, 2013 @ 11 pm PDT) and could not get in.

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