Tempted Beyond Common Sense in Second Life

Linden Premium Zone (general)

I freely admit that I have multiple, um, weaknesses/areas which require improvement/failings.  Anybody who has been within sight of or potential injury from knows that there is a very good reason that I am banned from driving anything in Second Life. Forever. No appeal. No discussion.

It’s not that I forget this, it’s just that sometimes I’m tempted to try and see if maybe I’ve improved. The new premium gift is an airplane – I thought it looked cool so I went and got one.

Linden Premium Zone (general)

According to the description of it you can “perform high-speed aerial stunts and acrobatics such as loops, barrel rolls, hard dives and climbs“. I would have been happy with keeping it in the air! I tried to ensure the safety of things around me and rezzed it on the train tracks – it’s a 4 sim area and there was nobody else present to potentially fall victim to my blatant flouting of the ban.

You know I don’t think my impairment is all my fault when the instructions include totally counter-intuitive items such as:

  • To push the plane’s nose down press the up arrow or W key.
  • To push the plane’s nose up press the down arrow or the S key.

I think on this occasion I can be forgiven for falling out of the plane and, no, I don’t know where it landed. I TPd out of there before any damage occurred.

Henshaw Observatory (general)

Deciding that it would be wise to just keep moving (I doubt the police were actually looking for me, and even if they were, what are they going to do? Extend my permanent driving ban?) I headed over to the Mole & Mole Travel AgencyI saw this referenced in Uccie’s post and, since I’m abysmally ignorant about most of the Mole builds, it seemed like a good time to check it out.

The first landmark I selected was the Henshaw Observatory. I liked not only the build, but the fact that it introduced me to a region on the mainland I haven’t seen before – and some cool stuff that residents have created around the area.

Henshaw Observatory (general)

My next destination was the Sea of Fables – the landmark actually dropped me under the water, however I did make it up onto the shore and found a mediterranean-inspired town and a beautiful ocean.

There’s also a free sailboat. I was actually heading over to grab one before I remembered how my morning started. I decided that perhaps I’d done enough damage for one day and went home. As inviting as the water looked, I think I’d better stick to dryland and pedestrian modes of transport for the forseeable future.

Sea of Fables (general)
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  1. Great pix. I’m glad you got the airplane. It’s actually pretty easy to fly. Just practice. Look for a sim called Orville for lots of room to fly. It’s an older premium gift so hopefully they’ll come out with a new one soon.

  2. Inara Pey

     /  July 30, 2013

    It looks to be an update. The original was version 1.04, this one is version 2.0 (which also could obviously mean it’s an “old” update and I simply haven’t had an excuse to go feel-up any of the gift givers of late :)).

    • Well I can tell you it’s mesh :) So I suspect that the update involves at least the construction material.

      • Inara Pey

         /  July 30, 2013

        The original was mesh as well. Just how far behind the times are you? ;-).

      • um …….. well this is, I think, the first of the premium items I’ve actually claimed. /me sighs

  3. i still think it’s so weird they are always giving us vehicles. what’s UP with that?

  4. Oh, Honour, don’t quit on the boat. Moving a vehicle on waterways, particularly a comparably slow vessel like a sailyacht, won’t hurt anybody. Even with a slow connection and high ping you can still sail somehow savely. Sim borders became much more secure lately and even if you crash the only one suffering from it will be you ;)

    • right – as soon as I find that health insurance :) Believe me when I tell you that people who have watched me attempt to drive, fly, sail, anything will agree that my ban should not be lifted. :P

  5. Garvie, what else would you expect as a gift? Clothes? Houses? Boooooooooooooooring shit that won’t even fit the taste of most peeps.

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