Revisiting the Mechanical Circus and Some Well-Intentioned Plans in Second Life

Mechanical Circus by Yooma Mayo (general)

OK, it wasn’t quite this empty – but when I posted about the Mechanical Circus it was not yet complete and I was getting concerned because there wasn’t much time left. There is even less now, but Yooma has finished this extraordinary build and you need to see it! I’m sure he didn’t plan to wait this long to open, something must have gotten in the way, however you have just four days – so head over there before it’s too late!

Mechanical Circus by Yooma Mayo (general)

Keeping with the topic of best laid plans (fine, it’s a stretch, but it’s my segue and I’m sticking to it), I’ve noticed or experienced one or two myself lately.

One of the young cats hasn’t been as, well, enthusiastic about things as the other. Duff wasn’t a complete lump, but he certainly wasn’t as active as Fergus. I decided to switch their food to a Limited Ingredient Diet – no grains – because he didn’t seem to be digesting the food they had. He’s improved a lot. That’s the good news.

Mechanical Circus by Yooma Mayo (general)

Unfortunately, I forgot there were two characters in this scenario – Fergus has gone from being an active, inquisitive, and energetic youngster to a full-blown juvenile delinquent. He has also discovered what happens when you play with a roll of toilet paper. sigh

In the UK the Government is trying to crack down on child pr0n. A very noble objective. Their approach is to insist that ISPs put filters on pr0n and ask users to opt-in. What that means is that, if you want to search for your favourite x-rated video or image, you have to specifically tell the ISP that this is something you want to do. That may or may not be embarrassing. :) Of course, it only affects new users, but existing will be asked if they want the filters.

Mechanical Circus by Yooma Mayo (general)

I’m not going to start a debate about censorship or the nature of the internet – it was actually a sidebar to this initiative that I found bizarre. Microsoft has announced its own plan to help combat the sexual exploitation of children using Bing.  Anybody searching with their product for images of child abuse will receive a warning that (I kid you not) the content is illegal↑. To be fair, they’ll also provide information about counselling, but I’m pretty sure the type of scum who enjoy this stuff already know it’s illegal and don’t care. I don’t think this is what the Government had in mind when they said they wanted the content blocked.

As far as plans and good intentions go, I suggest you stick to the Mechanical CircusIt’s far more successful than anything else I’ve stumbled on recently.

Mechanical Circus by Yooma Mayo (general)
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  1. It’s not really about child porn, it’s about the authoritarians finding a palatable excuse for reinstating censorship (aided by useful idiots – as Lenin would call them – among the largely illiterate, when it comes to technology, crowd). Child pornography and sexual abuse existed and thrived even before the internet was invented, it existed and thrived even before censorship of the Press was abolished.

    Those who think this will do anything to stop child abuse are delusional. All it will do is get the paedophiles to resort to finding ways to bypass the filters (something that’s quite easy, actually). Also, it can potentially hamper those who try to research this disgusting phenomenon in an attempt to find ways to stop it and fight it (psychologists, psychiatrists, journalists and the like). And, of course, it’s meaningless, as many paedophiles are in posts of authority – which they use to remain above the Law.

    By the way, it’s also hypocritical: current laws basically punish rapists and paedophiles with a slap on the wrist, whereas people like Aaron Swartz (whose “crime” was the digital equivalent of being a member in a library that imposed no borrowing limits and had infinite copies of every book and magazine in its collection and borrowing all those books and magazines) are threatened with exorbitant sentences.

  2. Also, quite amusingly… Cameron, who wants to “block internet porn” (following the idiotic footsteps of a certain Mary Whitehouse and other such right-wing nutjobs), had porn baron Richard Desmond as a guest at Chequers.

    Perhaps he wants to give Desmond a state-sanctioned monopoly on Tory party-approved smut.

  3. Spiral Silverstar

     /  July 29, 2013

    Mechanical Circus


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