Ghostville, A More Personal View of Cica in Second Life

Ghostville by Cica Ghost (moderate)

For most of us, our initial encounter with the work of Cica Ghost occurred when we saw her exhibit Cica last September at  LEA. She followed that up with Rust and, if you were like me, you fell even more in love with her style and her creations.

Ghostville by Cica Ghost (moderate)

Cica’s third exhibit, called Ghostville, is another full sim, immersive, and glorious build hosted by those amazing women at Per4mance MetaLES. You’ll find her signature techniques and that sense of child-like wonder we experienced at the previous two works. This time, though, I saw a difference.

Ghostville by Cica Ghost (moderate)

It might just be a product of my sleep-fogged brain, but I found this installation to be more personal. There is a significant amount of Cica herself this time – and I don’t just mean literally, although you’ll find that to be the case. I sense more of her emotionally in these small vignettes. This makes Ghostville the most powerful of her three exhibits – at least to me.

Ghostville by Cica Ghost (moderate)

I had a very hard time choosing 5 shots for this post – only because there is so much to see. I ran into some other bloggers while I was there so I know you’ll see more images (Ziki’s photos from yesterday announced the opening for me and ensured that I’d rush to get there myself). What you should plan to do is go visit yourself. This is a winner! :)

Ghostville by Cica Ghost (moderate)
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  1. I only joined SL in April, so unfortunately I missed her previous installation. But I’m a huge fan of the 2D figures around her shop, which I find strange yet aesthetically pleasing. I can’t wait to visit this one!

  2. If an artist relies heavily on references of earlier exhibitions it’s for me always a sign of dwindling creativity. I could be wrong of course, as I haven’t been to the new exhibit yet. Anyway, her black and white world was for me the most personal and inspiring of her works yet. Those silly stickfigures captured moments in time in a very expressive and melancholic way that couldn’t be matched by Rust. And I doubt that Ghosttown will reach the same level of personal expression again.

  3. caramia Mizin

     /  July 25, 2013

    Hey Honor, thanks for the heads up on Ghostville, I love Cice work & creativity, be great to meet her inworld some time, my friend Q and I have a dress each from her shop too. The B/W & Rust installations where brill in my view, so this w/end with a glass of cheeky red I will be popping in to see the latest from Cice.

    TGIF – oooRooo caramia

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