Virtual Time Travel, Visiting the Ancient Past in Second Life

The Tides (moderate)

It was one of those mornings when I found myself wallowing in builds and textures and lost all track of time. It was a struggle, but I forced myself to leave a group of sims and get this post done – I have far too much to do today (/me looks at Saffia).

In addition to the joy of exploring some really cool landscapes, my good mood continued when I lasted more than an hour in Combat Roleplay regions and nobody killed me! These residents obviously have far more self-discipline than the ones, in most war-torn locations, who level up by shooting little old innocent me as soon as I land .:p

Ancient Gobi Desert (moderate)

My plan was to hop around and see as many of these ancient world sims as I could. I started with greek/roman/viking (viking?) ships on The Tides. I would have spent more time with the triremes, but I was on a mission.

The next stop was the Ancient Gobi Desert and I could really feel my progress slowing. Honestly, I get far too obsessed with windlight and angles when the landscapes are so evocative.

Mongolia (moderate)

In spite of all my good intentions, my virtual feet found themselves glued to the ground when I started to look around the city of Ancient Karakorum on MongoliaI did some excited swearing in 3 languages (most of my japanese vocabulary is decidedly not for public consumption, but it is apt in private) and lost my mind.

You know when you find yourself trying to capture everything around you and clicking buttons, sliding sliders, camming your camera? It’s not just me, surely!

Mongolia (moderate)

I’m hardly an expert on any aspect of the ancient world. Judgment on the accuracy of these builds is something I’ll leave to others – but they’re stunning, complex, and fascinating to explore. I didn’t make it to all of the sims in the group – but someday my tour will be extended. Gawd I love my job!

Mongolia (moderate)
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