Shapes & Magic in Second Life

Mechanical Circus by Yooma Mayo (general)

I’m admittedly a trifle obsessive – when I find shapes and textures that appeal to me I can’t resist trying to capture the sense of them. I never succeed, but I play with light and angles and tend to ignore the big picture. :)

Mechanical Circus by Yooma Mayo (general)

Yooma Mayo’s installation, Mechanical Circus, is still under construction, not that this stopped me from indulging myself by exploring what’s there.

This is an artist who can perform magic with prims and I love the results. Well, except for the apparent inadequacies of my video card and/or settings.

Mechanical Circus by Yooma Mayo (general)

Getting curves to look like curves, and not semi-rounded shapes with corners in them, is a problem.

I was doing some idle searching a while back and found a description of settings that could be adjusted in a TPV to address this. Of course, I didn’t bookmark it.

Mechanical Circus by Yooma Mayo (general)

Trying to do justice to Yooma’s work reminded me of this. I’m going to attempt to replicate that search, find out which viewer it was, and see if I can use it to persuade my system to DO WHAT I WANT.

If I find it I’ll let you know and, if I don’t break my computer, I’ll share the results. In the meantime, you might want to go see this artist’s work-in-progress. Even the giant snake is gorgeous!

Mechanical Circus by Yooma Mayo (general)
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  1. Looks impressive!

  2. I hope he finds the time to finish it before the end of this lea round in 12 days.

  3. spunknbrains

     /  July 18, 2013

    This really looks fascinating.

  4. Fabulous! If your wonderful pictures are not doing it justice, it must be breathtaking.

  1. Revisiting the Mechanical Circus and Some Well-Intentioned Plans in Second Life | Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life)

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