Involuntary Memories & Second Life

Flux (moderate)

It felt right to visit Fluxthis morning. You all know I have a “thing” about the desert, so I was bound to enjoy the place. In addition, it was around 4:30 am my time and it was sunrise on the sim.

Flux (moderate)

Proust once wrote a novel, Remembrance of Things Past, 7 volumes involving long-forgotten events triggered by the scent of a cookie. He coined the term “involuntary memories”, thoughts brought to the forefront based on cues in our daily lives.

Flux (moderate)

While the sense of smell is considered the strongest source of these memories – the cues could be visual or auditory. In Second Life, of course, we (luckily) don’t have to deal with smell. This doesn’t mean that memory stimuli don’t exist.

For me, the desert landscapes and light bring back my wayward youth.

Flux (moderate)

Usually the images I see make me recall similar sets of events/people/adventures. Today, however, I saw the Motel. I stayed somewhere exactly like that, for one week, long ago. I know that pool and I know what’s in that room up in the corner.

This triggered a completely different set of memories – ones that I haven’t examined in many years. I might be blushing ….

Flux (moderate)
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  1. Ohhhh Honour! You little minx! Blushing, eh? :)

  2. NKaru

     /  July 16, 2013

    A life well-lived always offer ample opportunities to blush :)

  3. OK…so I didn’t want to like this post because it reminds me of when we lived in the High Desert (read: Mojave Desert) and it was soooooooooooooooooooo HOT and DRY and… Well, you get the picture! But…Honour blushing (and that great build – so realistic!) got me. Never mind that my niece is typing this for me because my wrist is still in a tizzy. We’re having fun! Yes. That’s it. We’re having Fuuuuuunnnnn! (Well, at least, reading your blog is fun, Honour. I love the places you go and the things you do there (i.e., photos). (I won’t mention the…umm…potential for more blushing.) :-)

    • I’m sorry about your wrist (and thank your niece) but I had to laugh. :) Thank you and I’m going to try to avoid future blushing. *grin*

  1. Flux - A trip to the desert | Second Life Desti...

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