Calling all Artists ( & Those With an Artistic Bent) in Second Life

Rust by Cica Ghost (moderate)

I’ve mentioned before that one of the things that keeps me in Second Life is immersive art. The possibilities are unlimited and the creations we can experience inworld are phenomenal.

One of my favourite locations has to be, therefore, the LEA Sims – 27 regions, 20 of which are devoted to artists who receive 5 month Land Grants. They can try new techniques, finally realize a vision they’ve had but no place to build, experiment (even fail), and share their work with all of us.

Alice in Cornelland by Vaneesa Oh (general)

The current Land Grants expire at the end of this month – so you still have some time to go see what they’ve done. The images in this post give you just a sampling of the wide range of installations you’ll find.

The next round of Grants will be in effect in August – that means applications are being accepted NOW.  If you have an idea, just itching to be explored, write it down and hit enter. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself to be an artist – don’t let elitist thoughts inhibit you. :)

The Path by Sowa Mai (moderate)

Once you receive the Grant, you have 5 months – you can spend 4 months building and tearing down and changing and swearing and sweating. There is no requirement to have a finished work available on Day One.

Think of it – you have a full sim to play on. First you have to submit that application – the worst that could happen is that the Committee says “not this time”. Just do it!

Pirates Art Khaos by Anley Piers (moderate)

If you know somebody who should submit their idea – nag them until they do. If you’ve applied before and didn’t succeed – do it again. If you’re a blogger – tell people about this and encourage them to get an application in. Time is running out – the deadline is July 16th.

Give yourself a chance to build something magical – I really want to see it. Fill out an application and see what happens!

Ye Olde Bone by Ole Etzel (moderate)
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  1. Then there are those of us who consider ourselves “bent artists…” Just sayin’….


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