A Tiny Thing can Turn Your Day Around in Second Life

Photosim – Silver Sea (adult)

It started at 4:12 am. An insomniac bird began bitching – loudly – which woke up the cats. They figure if their day has started so has mine.

The good news is that I can have an americano while I surf news sites and try to open my eyes. I programmed the Tassimo, fed the cats, and turned around to discover water everywhere. OK fine

Photosim – Silver Sea (adult)

I searched the interwebs for the problem and discovered you’re supposed to occasionally clean the window for the barcode reader.  sigh I headed back to the kitchen to sort that out and passed the cats in the living room.

They realized, somewhere along the line, that water in a vase has flavour – that’s apparently a good thing. The flowers in the vase are just in the way, so they compete to see who can remove the most, and how far they can distribute them around the house. This morning, however, they just dumped the container, thus making it possible to drink from the pool as it spread rapidly over everything in its path for what seemed like a kilometre.

Photosim – Silver Sea (adult)

Cleaning that up (and I still haven’t had any coffee) was some part of a new cat game that I didn’t know about. They weren’t exactly helpful. Screw it – I gave up and headed to the gym.

About 2/3 of the way through my workout I got smacked with a barbell. Now, I believe the principle is that a parked car isn’t at fault in an accident. In a similar vein, the fact that I was seated on the leg-press should mean I was not responsible for what happened. Being a good Canadian, I apologized.

Photosim – Silver Sea (adult)

I really wanted to post something today – I’m not going to get into the habit of just a couple of new entries a week. I got home, walked past all the various disaster areas, and went inworld.

Silver Sea is a sim set up for photographers. It’s attached to one called Trailer Park which looks interesting – however, it’s a gay cruising region and with my luck I’d interrupt something, so I stuck to the photosim. :)

I started to cam around for a good composition and saw some movement. It was one of Kriss Lehmann’s very tiny dragonflies. Suddenly, my day doesn’t seem all that bad.

Photosim – Silver Sea (adult)
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  1. Ohhhhhhh you have those days too?? Kittehs rule the world and monopolize it too. Hope you survive the rest of the day, and there are no more rude surprises. The images of SilverSea are beautiful – a nice treat!

  2. Inara Pey

     /  July 9, 2013

    Hee hee. Now I know why that little voice inside my head warned me not to blog about Silver Sea & its neighbour :).

    • You need to point that little voice in my direction so I know what I’M supposed to be doing :p

      • Inara Pey

         /  July 9, 2013

        Nah. “She who gets there first, blogs”. I was too busy with my nose in the Tour de France :).

  3. DJ Frenzy

     /  July 9, 2013

    Trailer park sounds kind of fun, actually.. :-)

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