Second Life eh?

Leroy (moderate)

I went to Leroy today, in part, because I could take this first shot of what many people think of when they think of Canada. In all honesty, I also went there because it’s too darned hot outside and this region gave me some relief. :)

I’m Canadian and, yes, I say “eh?”. Frankly given the choice between that and “huh?”, I’ll stick with the former. :p

Leroy (moderate)

It’s Canada Day today, which means absolutely nothing to most of the world (with the exception of those who keep asking why we celebrate July 4th on the 1st). Unlike the physical world, most of us don’t sew Canadian flags onto our outfits when we travel around – but we’re in there and we’re usually very proud of this Country.

There are many misconceptions about Canada out there. We don’t all LOVE hockey – but if you were around back then, each and every one of us can tell you where they were when Henderson scored that goal (I was in the Faculty Club at UBC and the roof jumped 3 feet in the air).

Leroy (moderate)

I had a brief Twitter argument with somebody months ago – somebody I’d always assumed was fairly well educated. He said “well, you in Canada don’t understand because you’re a homogeneous Country”. This resulted in a lot of “eh?”responses from Canadians who followed him. I should introduce him to the asshole politician from California, Darrell Issa, who likes to say  “Vancouver, or as we call it down here, Hongcouver…”.

Fox News has a lot of issues with us – which given their general level of intelligence isn’t too surprising. They’ve expressed a lot of ignorance over the years, and often deliberately become very offensive. Their biggest complaint recently was that having two official languages means we “are not great for television”.

Leroy (moderate)

There are lots of stereotypes about us – most of them exist because they’re true. However, We Are More↑. On the other hand, one of the aspects of our national identity we cling to is our ability to laugh at ourselvesEven when the rest of you poke fun. :)

I’m going to close once more this year with that great Canadian Beer commercial. Even a nation of boring and self-deprecating individuals can cheer one day a year. Eh?

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  1. I say “eh” a lot in RL.
    But I’m not Canadian.
    I’m just lazy, eh.


  2. That video was imitated mid-crisis by Greek actress Katerina Moutsatsou (with the title “I am a Hellene”), but later on, something even more poignant came along…

  3. Canada day means something to me because Canada means something to me.
    Canadian troops were the ones who liberated most of my country in 1945 and because at the time we were starving, many of us here owe our lives to them.
    Of course we owe so much to all troops who fought for our freedom back then, but because it was the Canadians who marched trough our streets kicking the Germans out, they have always had a special place in the hearts of many Dutch people.
    Every year in may we welcome back some of the veterans and they tell me how touched they are by the reception and how random strangers come up to them and shake their hands, showing gratitude.
    Not just that, but after the war countless Dutch people made Canada their new home.
    The bonds between our countries are strong, at least amongst those who know their history.
    Just recently I’ve seen Canadian tourists, both with the canadian flag on their luggage.
    Both times I made sure they felt at home in my country, helped them find their way or just had a friendly welcome to Holland chat.
    I guess that in a way, just like the many Dutch girls in 1945, we all still have a little bit of a crush on Canadians ;)

    • Well the crush is understandable :) Every year when we honour veterans on Remembrance Day the stories of Canadian troops in Holland are told. It’s an important memory for us as well!

  4. Happy Canada Day, Honour! Thanks for posting the Shayne clip. A nice reminder of how lucky we are to live in this country.

  5. Bear Silvershade (@BearSilvershade)

     /  July 1, 2013

    Happy Canada Day Honour!. You nailed it with this article!

  6. Rhianon Jameson

     /  July 1, 2013

    The t-shirt I got the biggest kick out of in Victoria said (more or less): “Eh? Better than ‘huh'” Touche’, I thought.


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