Recapturing Childhood in Second Life

Mysterious Wave (general)

I really am trying to catchup on a variety of sims and exhibits I haven’t yet posted. However, in the long tradition of “oh, shiny thing!” that constitutes one of my many weaknesses, I saw Ziki Quest’s entry from yesterday. She’s very good at distracting me and you should add her to your list of “must read” blogs.

Mysterious Wave (general)

Cherry Manga’s Mysterious Wave has always been one of my favourite locations. Her new installation, focusing on childhood, is adorable and far more complex/technically advanced than the images might suggest. Achieving this level of apparent innocence is not simple.

Anley Piers’ terraforming is superb and the sounds by Morlita Quan are  a great addition.

Mysterious Wave (general)

The exhibit made me wish for the days when things were so much less complicated (from the distance of my advanced age, being a child seems far easier than I’m sure it really is).

The older you get the more life is like gardening. I don’t just mean the requirement to cultivate (Ha! a pun!) patience, although that is necessary. The need to undertake 16 preparatory steps for everything you want to do becomes exhausting.

Mysterious Wave (general)

Trying to write a blog post involves first having serial negotiations with cats, dogs, and humans (they’re all ruthless). Wanting to sit down and read a book is fraught with side-projects and demands for shifting priorities.

Something like deciding to go back to the gym involves schedule adjustments and (gasp) personal grooming. I can’t possible go sweat until I’ve cut my hair.

This will all make sense when you’re my age and you’ll wonder why you ever doubted me. You too will long for the simpler times. :)

Mysterious Wave (general)
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