Moving a City & Some Links in Second Life

Yumix Prada (moderate)

Remember the City of Venice that was on the Prada sim? It isn’t there anymore (at least the region isn’t), however, since last Friday, it’s now part of a large group of islands under the Yumix name. It’s still gorgeous, but look for Yumix Prada to find it. :)

I wasn’t familiar with this group so I randomly TPd around to a few of them. It appears to be inhabited by people very fond of airplanes and ships, particularly with the theme of the Second World War from a Japanese perspective (I think ….. it was a quick visit).

The Hope Island (moderate)

I have a lot of catching up to do, so let me share a few bits & pieces I have kept open in tabs so I wouldn’t forget.

First – the next round of the LEA Land Grants Applications  are now available. You have until July 16th to submit your idea and I really encourage you to do so. If you’re not familiar with the Grants, go visit some of the current installations and various programs. There are 20 sims available for these grants plus a number of other opportunities/formats for you to exhibit your creativity. I will also have announcements of some new projects in the near future.

Yumix Villa (moderate)

I saw this article about a game that’s in beta right now and I was intrigued. In fact, if I was willing to link my cell phone to my gmail address/google account I’d give it a try. I’m not, so I won’t, but if you think it’s interesting, this is where you’ll find the download.

For some reason the idea of playing a game involving my real life location (you can add your own local landmarks to the database) while I was wandering around town anyway is appealing. The fact that I’ve resisted giving Google my phone number for so long is an obstacle I won’t be able to overcome.

Flora Yumix Japan (moderate)

I do want to remind everybody that you have two more days to explore the SL10B Community Celebration sims. The performances ended last Sunday but all of the exhibits are still open. I finally managed to get the Mesh Varsity Jacket out of the Lab’s vendor yesterday (yay!).

Find the machine and, no matter what the prize is on display, keep clicking the right side and it’ll scroll through them all. There is a limited number of each, but if there are any left you can grab one. I found mine at this location. You’ll discover many more gifts and freebies as you explore. Good Luck!

Yumix Canal (moderate)
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  1. Oh wow. “Want” on that beta game. Thanks for posting that. My SL partner H studies such things in RL & I know he’ll be interested in this as well. I’m not much in SL these days but still dipping my toes into its waters and one way is by staying current on your blog. Love your blog.

  1. Moving a City & Some Links in Second Life |...

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