SL10B, Getting Wet at the Community Celebration in Second Life

Underwater at the Lake Stage (general)

If you’re like me you tend to forget just how much of Second Life is underwater. I was reminded of this as I stumbled around trying to wake up this morning and got very, very wet.

The Lake Stage (general)

As with most of my adventures, it began innocently enough. I wanted to capture the fabulous, fantasy Lake Stage. Dancing on top of a beautiful, albeit gigantic, mushroom cap would not have been possible before mesh hit the grid. You really need to see this build!

Then I opened my eyes a little wider and looked around.

Underwater Exhibits (general)

One of the things I enjoy about the Birthday Celebration is finding a bathosphere next to the Mars Lander (among other wonderful things). You’ll find a lot of ways to get under the surface and discover the world that many of our neighbours inhabit.

Maya Paris (general)

Luckily for me Maya Paris is also in this area, so I got breakfast and some much needed caffeine. Once fortified, I piled my towels on the walkway and dove back in. Make sure you check the stage and auditorium schedules. There’s something going on 24 hours a day if you need to dry off. :)

More Underwater Exhibits (general)
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