SL10B & Two Hunts in Second Life (or, Magellan does it to me Again!)

Loki’s Behemoth (general)

As usual, there’s so much to see at the event that my head is spinning – but let me share a few things with you. I love, love, love Loki Eliot’s Behemoth. His build is gorgeous and clever and amusing, but don’t take my word for it. Draxtor has done a nice, short machinima which will explain it much better than I could. :)

As it happens, the Behemoth is part of Day 1 of the Long Walk, which is the diary of David Abbot’s explorations. It is also a hunt – if you follow in his footsteps you will find the occasional red X which marks the spot where a special gift is hiding. So, not only do you get advice helping you actually see everything over the course of the event, but you get cool stuff!

Voodoo Studios (general)

In addition to shadowing David’s journey I did some random teleporting. I loved the look of the Voodoo Studios build and the immense and fabulous Cake Stage. If you’re missing the cake you just look up, way up. You’ll find it and enjoy both the music and this wonderous creation.

However, speaking of hunts (as I was) there is a dual-pathed adventure being run, in part, by my old *cough* friend Magellan Linden. I’ve spoken about our tortured history↑ before, but I’m over it (really!) so I’ll be an adult and assure you I can behave – particularly when there are puzzles and prizes involved.

Cake Stage (general)

If you have a premier membership (hey! there are a few perks!) you can participate in a series of quests to help Magellan solve a huge problem (why am I not surprised he’s getting other people to do the hard part?). It actually looks like a lot of fun, but since I’m terrible at this stuff I think I’m going to recruit some others and we’ll do it as a team.

The starting point has a list of the quests, the HUD and tutorial and even tips. It really does look like fun! I’m not entirely sure why it’s on a Moderate sim – so make a note of that. If you’re 17 you won’t be able to participate. BUT! There is another part of this seeking-cool-gifts adventure.

SLB Hunt (moderate)

Heading back to the SL10B Community Celebration I discovered that Magellan might, perhaps, have mellowed a bit. Well not entirely.

You see he’s set up some vendors around the 20 sims which will dispense collectables – but each is only available for a limited time. I can’t tell you when an item will be ready for grabbing or even what might be offered at any given time. When the inventory of the object runs out the vendor shuts down and doesn’t operate again until he gets off his butt and puts another one inside.

Finding the vendors is your first task, getting lucky enough to be there at the right time is your second. I, of course, was not rewarded. It wouldn’t be personal right? I mean, it’s not like I shared ALL his dirty laundry.

Magellan’s Gift Kiosk (general)
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  1. I thought about making a “SL10B Community Celebration Ugly-Ass Huge Towers” Tour.

    … nah.


  2. Inara Pey

     /  June 17, 2013

    I admit I’m dubious about Magellan Linden. Not only is he getting people to do the grunt work for him, just who it is running the PR machine that keeps him in people’s focus at the expense of, oh, say, Professor Linden, once of Ekim Dragon fame, and now all but forgotten, save a briefcase and a photo?

    Might have to put Ziki Questi on the case. She has the camera, the overcoat and the trilby hat. Just need to turn the collar up on her coat and pull the “Press” tag from her hat, and she’s the perfect PI for the job. Might even see if she’s interested in teaming-up with Traci Bullit …

    • I think the “who” probably involves drinking buddies – it is his favourite form of recreation. Having said that – one of the quests is labelled Ekim :)

      • Inara Pey

         /  June 17, 2013

        Yeah, Booze and waffles. Rodvik let that one slip out …

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