It’s Time to Party! The Community Celebrates SL10B in Second Life

The Man 2002 (general)

He stands on top of a hill overlooking the Welcome Area. He’s called The Man and he was created inworld by oldjohn Linden on July 19, 2002. Yes, there are objects on the grid that have been around since the time before the public beta

This sexy hunk of prim is just one of the nostalgic bits of our history you’re going to find at the SL10B Community Celebration which opens today at noon SLT (with an official flag-raising ceremony at 1:00 pm).

History at the Welcome Area (general)

There are 22 sims full of exhibits and stages and fantastical things to see. Marianne McCann is just one of the amazing people who have put their hearts and souls into this Celebration, but I’m mentioning her because the history exhibits she’s pulled together are fabulous. It makes sense to me to go all nostalgic on you at this point – 10 official years is a very long time in the metaverse.

Two of the regions are pure history – first, many of us have (tucked away in a special inventory file) collections of Linden Bears. The original one was created by Nicole Linden and it became a tradition that all new Lindens had to make their own. Residents who ran into a Linden inworld would ask for a Bear and receive that individual’s contribution to the growing ursine family.

Bear Island (general)

If you didn’t encounter a particular Linden, or were reluctant to IM them demanding their Bear, annual Birthdays gave you an opportunity to add to your collection on Bear Island. This included Bears created for special events, such as the one marking the one millionth resident registration. Bear Island is back and you can update (or even start) your own family of these characters. In case you’re wondering, yes, it includes Bears from Lindens who have left the Lab.

It brought me great joy to discover that the 2nd historical sim attached to the Celebration is the Corn Field. I, of course, was never naughty and certainly never required a time out to consider my misdeeds. Tales of hours (if not days) spent restricted to this notorious region, watching black and white tv shows based on the inevitable consequences of juvenile and delinquent behaviour, were legendary.

The Corn Field (general)

It isn’t all nostalgia at the event. The theme, after all, is Looking Forward, Looking Back and there are hundreds of exhibits with a great mix of both the past and the future. There are also 4 incredible stages. You can find the complete schedule for them and the auditorium on the SL10B Community Celebration website.

One of the stages I’m sure you’ve seen already on various blog posts and photo sites. Built by Toady Nakamura and Flea Bussy↑, the Live Stage is a extraordinary two sim turtle (tortoise?) that deserves an extensive amount of exploration on its own.  As a small personal note – the first thing I rezzed inworld was a Linden tree. This enchanting and magical beast is completely landscaped with Linden plant material – a very nice combination of the world’s history and the times to come.

I’ll show you more of the event during the week. In the meantime get down there, prepare for lag↑, hop on the pod tour, do the The Long Walk, and check out those stage schedules. It’s going to be a fantastic week. :)

The Live Stage (general)
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  1. and BTW thank you SO MUCH for the original avs… i am having a total blast being city chic chick again :) brilliant idea

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