A Retail Change for the Better in Second Life

Ionic (moderate)

The theme of SL10BCC↑ is Looking Forward, Looking Back, which is appropriate for this 10 year milestone. It has made me think about my years inworld and some of the changes I’ve seen and am very thankful for.

Ionic (moderate)

Now, I’ve never been a shopaholic – I’m not one of those people who enjoys spending hours going from store to store. On the few occasions when I would go out to find something I needed, I hated the experience. Primarily because it forced me into virtual malls.

Ionic (moderate)

I never understood it – I mean I hate them in rl, who wants one in the virtual?  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for small stores to have retail locations that suit their budget – but an ugly mall? There are a lot of gorgeous sims now that offer space to small stores in an environment which doesn’t give me nightmares.

Ionic (moderate)

I admit my opinions may seem harsh sometimes, but one of the changes I’ve enjoyed inworld is that the retail landscape has become far more attractive. Ionic↑ sells prefabs and this “store”, which is about a week old, is so appealing that I’ll actually go there if I’m looking for something. In fact, I saw items I’ll probably buy for my own land and that happened because the place didn’t send me running away in horror. :)

Ionic (moderate)
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