The Beauty of Jordan in Second Life

Kingdom of Jordan (moderate)

It’s been a 12 hour period of  “omg” in my various lives.  It started when I saw this post↑ last night from Ziki Questi. There is no way I could resist going to visit the Kingdom of Jordan↑ – and I expect you all to follow suit. I landed in front of, what even I could recognize as, part of Petra↑.  This is stunning!

Kingdom of Jordan (moderate)

I sent an urgent “omg” to Saffia Widdershins↑ and teleported her in. She’s very useful, being an educated Brit, and immediately said: “Wow! That’s the Treasury building and the wadi you have to walk through as you approach and the statues with their heads shot off by Napoleon’s soldiers …..”  This is not the only reason she’s on my friends’ list, but it is a nice benefit. :)

Kingdom of Jordan (moderate)

The sim is full of beauty and there are lots of places to sit and contemplate. Farah Loordes↑ is to be congratulated!

My first “omg” of the day was actually in response to an email glitch. I use Opera because I can access my rl accounts through the browser window and this morning I didn’t have any new ones. Odd – usually there are at least a few wanting me to do something. Then suddenly – over 300 loaded.

Kingdom of Jordan (moderate)

Gack!  However, a lot of them were from months ago and had all been previously deleted. I also found some recently received in my Drafts folder (?) ….. this will take a while to sort out. I have a bunch of work to get done so I’ll tackle my inbox later. If you’ve sent me an email it might take me a while to respond!

In the meantime, OMG, there’s a lot of noise in the house. I think the cats have locked themselves in the bathroom again.  sigh

Kingdom of Jordan (moderate)
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  1. Both of the cats were in the bathroom this morning, stealing hairbands and steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the existence of the other.


  2. breathtaking… even for the virtual version

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