The Last Stop in Second Life

The Last Stop (moderate)

I haven’t done a post-apocalyptic landscape for a while, so it was time. There are a great many out there and my reaction, in some cases, is positive but muted. However, give me a giant metal elephant that blinks and I’m sold. The Last Stop↑ is wonderful!

The Last Stop (moderate)

I’ll let it serve as the backdrop to a couple of links. First, if you’d like to help somebody out with their doctoral project (and potentially win L$5000) then go here↑ and spend a measly 10 minutes completing a survey. You’ll have no trouble figuring out what she’s trying to learn – it’s interesting and I’d love to know what the results are.

The Last Stop (moderate)

I had a huge moment of national pride yesterday when I read this ↑ article. The fact that the largest army base in Western Canada would fly the Pride flag – and do so without any debate or controversy – made me smile and tear up a little. The subsequent positive response from serving members, veterans and the public is just gravy.

The Last Stop (moderate)

I’d like to believe that positive steps forward in all areas would prevent the type of devastation you see at The Last Stop↑. I worry, though, that heated and polarizing rhetoric will prove impossible to overcome. The words painted on the side of this wall explain what happened to this community. It reads (in front of an image of war): It can happen here! So let’s nuke-em first. Many of those shouting on the airwaves don’t have two brain cells to rub together. I wish they’d shut-up. :)

The Last Stop (moderate)


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  1. I have a serious misgiving about the military endorsing the LGBT movement. To me, it looks more like the military (and not only the Canadian one) is trying to usurp this movement.

  2. So, so love the incorporation of real events into your blog. The sim itself is gorgeous – too often I get wrapped up in the serenity of Second Life it’s easy to shut out the real world outside of it. Kudos to the Canadian Military.

  3. Storm

     /  June 30, 2013

    I’m glad you enjoyed your visit!! Makes it worthwhile :)

  1. The Last Stop in Second Life | Second Life Dest...

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