Ruth had it Easy in Second Life

Dark Moon India (moderate)

In my continuing attempt to get uptodate on posts in my blogroll I went to visit Windlight Photography↑. Damn he’s good – and he has some great destinations you should visit. I chose Dark Moon India↑ ( with a quick look next door to Tuatha de Danann↑) today while I pondered the modern avatar.

Dark Moon India (moderate)

My 91 year old mother complains that, at her age, she’s constantly having to add/remove/adjust body parts. At night she parks her walker, removes her hearing aids & teeth & glasses, and grumbles.

Ha! I say. You think you have problems? Try being an avatar in Second Life.

Dark Moon India (moderate)

When I first started out inworld I eventually got around to working on my avatar – that meant shape, skin, hair, eyes and clothes. Unless you were a furry or dragon or something, those were the basic variables you had to address. The fact that I’m not still Ruthed↑ is amazing to me.

Then one of my friends got prim eyelashes – which, it seemed, had to be adjusted for hours. Nope – I’m not going to do that. She then added fingernails and I thought “fine, my av will just chew hers”.

Dark Moon India (moderate)

I felt bad for the male avatars who had to go shopping for their *cough* dangly bits or the elves who needed to worry about ears. I’m not even mentioning makeup – why do you think I have a painted skin?

These days things have gotten much more complicated. I watch conversations about matching skin tones to mesh body parts and realize that to be truly well-formed I’d need ( in addition to the aforementioned bits) hands, boobs and feet. They would all have to somehow be modified to be painted grey. If I’m not willing to spend time trying to get an eyelash out of my eyeball you can be sure I don’t have the patience to tint an ankle.

Ruth had it easy. I’ll just stay old school. :)

Tuatha de Danann (moderate)
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  1. enjoyed your article and Ruth was always so easy to explore with, she probably weighed .0001 kilobytes lol

  2. Gosh, you do sly snark so well.

    • LOLOL I’m innocent I swear – I’m not knocking the people who build a better avatar than I’ll ever achieve. I’m just explaining my own failure to do so.

  3. I snickered, giggled and guffawed reading this. The trifecta of laughter!

  1. Ruth had it Easy in Second Life | Honour's Post...

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