Mind-Bending Views & Bears in Second Life

Digital Studios (moderate)

Some idle bits & pieces today, all on a background of the Digital Studios↑ sim – note, I did NOT mess with the Windlight settings. This is the region default setup and exactly what I saw when I landed. :)

Digital Studios (moderate)

I installed the new Beta↑ today which went relatively smoothly. One tiny hiccup – I wound up with two versions of it on my desktop. It didn’t overwrite the older one and I suspect it’s because the name was changed. You might want to check your own system and manually uninstall the one you don’t want if this happens to you.

Digital Studios (moderate)

I got my SL10B Bear Avatar↑ and, yes, I noticed that on the contest page↑ they initially had it as SL20B. I thought it was funny – I mean if you’re going to screw something up it’s encouraging to note that you’re optimistic. Proof reading is obviously a lost art – I mean have you read an online news site lately?

Digital Studios (moderate)

I also noted with amusement that a long-time SL blogger complained that he’d been around for 10 years and only got a bear. Poor dear – I guess he was expecting a medal. Chill out people – 10  years is a big deal. Leave off with the drama and just enjoy the party!

Now if you’ll excuse me – I’m having flashbacks to the 60s. Mind altering drugs had nothing on this place. :p

Digital Studios (moderate)
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  1. Pfft. Forget contests. Just have fun with the rest of us:



  2. Inara Pey

     /  June 6, 2013

    Re: beta viewer. Oz slipped-up with the initial release of the “materials beta” and mis-named the destination folder in the installer. The latest release reverts back to the intended destination folder, and the previous one can be uninstalled safely (although you may lose settings, etc).

    It’s going to get more interesting in the future vis: beta viewers, as the upcoming new viewer release process will mean that there will be multiple beta viewers (identified by project), each of which will install into its own “project folder” (so we’ll be seeing things like “ProjectA viewer” which will install into “SecondlifeProjectABeta”, and “ProjectB viewer”, which will install into “SecondLifeProjectBBeta” and so on). Will be fun tracking everything if there are particular viewers of interest appearing, but the process should, overall, speed-up viewer releases and prevent the kind of bottlenecks we had (in particular, and to name the most noticeable) at the end of 2012.

    As to prof redding bog posts. I haz it down to a fyne art. :).

    • LOLOL thank you :) I was hoping the explanation was that simple – as for the multiples, well I’ll just put them in strategically designated areas of my desktop :p

      • Inara Pey

         /  June 6, 2013

        LL refer to Oz as “Working in the Boston Office”. I actually think the poor chap IS the Boston Office …

      • The Christmas Party must be a little depressing! poor baby :(

      • Inara Pey

         /  June 6, 2013

        I dunno. I envy him the look from his house, and at least there’s no issue over who’ll be the designated driver for the evening …

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