There’s No Ground in Second Life

There’s No Ground (moderate)

“The bad news is you’re falling through the air,
nothing to hang on to, no parachute.
The good news is there’s no ground.”

– C.T. Rinpoche

I can’t remember offhand when I first encountered the art of Eupalinos Ugajin↑, but my Second Life would be very different if I hadn’t. I love his watercolour-like textures and the images he creates. I can deal with his blind stubbornness because he has both great talent and a remarkable sense of humour. His installations make me feel good.

There’s No Ground (moderate)

Eupa’s latest exhibit, There’s No Ground↑, in collaboration with Suzanne Graves↑ and with pieces he’s worked on with Simotron Aquila↑, is no exception. He’s added a twist though – one that made this moderate control freak sputter a bit.

There’s No Ground (moderate)

You can wander around the sim and see the glorious creations and/or sit on the boat at the entrance and use the buttons in a window that pops up – this will control your camera and take you on a tour of the installation. Make sure your view distance is set to 512 – you will see magical images with his descriptions.

I’ll give you two more examples of the reasons I enjoy this man and his work – he’s got the most impressive inventory of avatars I know. This is a photo↑ of him as a giant pencil.

There’s No Ground (moderate)

I also mentioned his sense of humour – if you’ve ever been frustrated/appalled/amused at an artiste’s description of their art, you can create your own. Eupa linked to this site↑ and my resulting artist’s statement reads in part: My work explores the relationship between Pre-raphaelite tenets and counter-terrorism. With influences as diverse as Derrida and Roy Lichtenstein, new synergies are created from both mundane and transcendant structures.

Eupa’s work is well worth visiting – have some fun flinging cows and other odd objects, and enjoy the artistry of talent without pretentious bullshit. :)

There’s No Ground (moderate)
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  1. Wait… art without pretentious bullshit?
    But the pretentious bullshit is what MAKES it art!
    You can’t have art without the pretentious bullshit that the artist generates.
    In fact, you can have pretentious bullshit without art, but you can’t have art without pretentious bullshit.


  2. Thanks Honour, I hope you can come to listen to the music I selected at the top of Suzanne’s tube.
    Suzanne Graves @ "...there's no ground"

    • I plan to head back there when I have time to just sit and enjoy :) Of course, if it’s all jazz I’ll just pretend to listen…..


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