Au Coeur Blesse en Second Life

Flocke (moderate)

Don’t be fooled by my photos, it’s actually quite sunny on Flocke↑.  The overcast skies I chose suited my mood – yes, I’ve been thinking again (sorry!).

We construct our lives with bits and pieces of people and places and experiences, much like we build things with prims. All of them form part of our psyche in some way and, I realized, as we get older they act a bit like anchors – fixed in the past they give us a touch of stability.

Flocke (moderate)

I know people get upset when favourite sims or avatars vanish from the virtual – at my age it’s much more common that people who influenced me, or helped shape me, disappear in real life.

I had time to catch up on some general web-surfing and discovered that an important part of the soundtrack for my younger self had passed. If you weren’t there you might think that the 60s were all about rock & roll and protests and rebellion. There was a lot of that – but, we were also a fantastically romantic and even emo generation.

Flocke (moderate)

The musical backdrop, for even North Americans, included international stars of chanson such as Jacques Brel. One of them was a man, born in Egypt, who moved to Paris and composed for singers such as Edith Piaf (Milord↑). He also wrote and performed soft, emotional, romantic songs that are still sung by newer generations.

Georges Moustaki↑ died a few days ago and one of my anchors just slipped.

Flocke (moderate)

I know I wore out the vinyl record, but I hadn’t realized how much a part of my life he had been until I went to look at some of the old videos. I still remember all of the lyrics and had trouble picking one to share.

You might know him for Ma Solitude↑, or Ma Liberte↑, or any of a host of others. I chose the one that evokes what many people feel in Second Life when things change; when the group of friends disbands, or the places you love are gone. They’re still part of us, as he is part of what shaped me. I’m grateful for all the bits & pieces that make my life. :) (OK, emo-time is over now!)

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  1. DJ Frenzy

     /  May 27, 2013

    I need to get out more… In more… Something…. Beautiful.

  2. The previous two years also took a great part of my life’s soundtrack away: Dimitris Mitropanos died; Nikos Papazoglou died (these were two of my favourite singers from my country); Ronnie James Dio died (my first crush used to play “Catch The Rainbow” for me while we were at his place); Rick Wright died; Gary Moore died… And what were we left with? Angela Merkel and her EU boytoys.

  3. Nice philosophising;)

  4. an another thing ! as well as noting people dying off, I have also been noting young talking-head doctorates on TV documentaries talking about the 60s as an old historical period. when I was a kid, people who fought in WW1 seemed impossibly old. the sepia tinged pictures looked like an age ago but now it is the same time stretch (ish) between me and my 60s! scenes of young people poking flowers down the rifles of the national guard are not just in the past now, they are in the defined far past. I don’t mind this, it just feels strange . . . . .

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