Wedding Drama, Common People & Second Life

Majilis al Jinn (moderate)

I’m a little scattered these days – trying to do too many things at the same time I guess, and not getting nearly enough done. :) I found myself in the middle of the desert this morning at Marjilis al Jinn↑.

Majilis al Jinn (moderate)

A beautiful palace in the middle of an oasis, this is a romantic place to get away and fantasize in an exotic location. It seemed a little fitting today – somebody I know got married yesterday. This was the first wedding I’d attended inworld in a very long time.

Majilis al Jinn (moderate)

My favourite Australian, albino, vampire fashionisto↑ was the groom and he’s found the perfect partner. We were all anticipating the vows in the Chapel of Doom, but the bride stopped half way down the  aisle and balked. Drama!  We ate popcorn and watched in amusement as the bridal party took off one at a time – of course they got changed and tp’d everybody to a formal cathedral for the real ceremony.

Majilis al Jinn (moderate)

While we waited we sang along to the truly ugly soundtrack provided (they’re a cute but evil couple). This is a video of the song that got the most participation (which reminds me, you should check out what Crap does with Shatoetry↑). I’m not sure what it says about us, but we knew the words and were familiar with this version. :)

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  1. thank you for posting the link to Majilis – some years ago I used to go there but the link broke and I was disappointed, now it has returned – wonderful !

  2. Lovely sim to visit – thank you. And…as for the Star Trek/music vid: woohoo! :-)


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