Shining Light on a Vampire’s Home in Second Life

Gehena Vampire Clan (moderate)

Let’s establish right up front that I’m not a coward. I had purely practical reasons for visiting a Vampire Clan’s region during daylight – the build and landscape are much easier to see under sunny skies. It had nothing to do with an assumption that the residents would be asleep!

Gehena Vampire Clan (moderate)

I chose the lighting in honour of the fact that a Constable painting↑ just sold for a huge amount of money. This windlight, combined with the region’s design, feels a little like his work.

Gehena Vampire Clan (moderate)

This is a gorgeous place – and seemed very welcoming, certainly nobody attempted to feed off of me, although Mama had a considering look in her eye.

Gehena Vampire Clan (moderate)

I’m sorry I didn’t get the name of the person who did this design (if it was, in fact, one person). It does look very professional. I didn’t stick around too long – there was movement in the Castle and, well, discretion being the better part of you-know-what ……

Gehena Vampire Clan (moderate)
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  1. Props for the Constable reference! Lovely picture as always.

  2. The sim is owned and was created by Miss LouLou Teichmann.


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