An Inadequate Look at a Beautiful Build in Second Life

Port Mo Chalmaig (moderate)

Today’s adventure was a bit of a surprise. I began in a gorgeous build called Port Mo Chalmaig↑ – attractive buildings and a really pretty landscape. I was settling in quite comfortably to just cam around and take pics when I saw something in the distance.

Port Mo Chalmaig (moderate)

The Port shares this sim, and is in fact the smaller of the two creations, with LaPerla↑ – an old italian town. I suspect most people start in the latter and might miss the Port – as wonderful as the townscape is, don’t make that mistake. :)

LaPerla, old italy (moderate)

LaPerla is a great example of just how much “build” you can put on a piece of land with the judicious use of mesh.  It is an amazing design of narrow streets and courtyards. There are a number of tiny shops for rent and it’s the type of place I’d actually enjoy doing some shopping.

LaPerla, old italy (moderate)

I think both sections of the sim have music venues – they certainly have a rich and complementary atmosphere. You’ll be able to spend hours poking around and enjoying the sights. I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted, two determined cats kept trying to help me and keyboard shortcuts were invoked with annoying regularity. Just take my word for it – the Port and the town both deserve your visit.

LaPerla, old italy (moderate)
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  1. I never go anywhere, so it’s not like your photographs are inadequate to me. They’re better than nothing.


  2. Nice pics!

    Hey, if you like Southern European style villages you should come take a look at the East River Community. Here some samples: Flickr: The East River Community (Second Life) Pool #SecondLife

  1. A visit to old Italy and more | Living in the Modem World

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