The Hidden World of the Second Life Mole

Skradski (general)

In the cold, coastal waters there is a lonely outpost. There is also an air of stubborn determination where, for most of us, one might expect to find a sense of isolated despair. This is no summer camp!

Skradski (general)

I happened upon the Fortress of the Moles, the home of the army of builders↑ who create roads/railways/destinations/inventory items for the use and enjoyment of residents. For some reason I had always assumed they were pampered, but this would indicate a much more ascetic, and even military, lifestyle. I’m not sure we’re taking very good care of them.

Skradski (general)

I found signs that they have tried to add touches of warmth and beauty. It just made me feel worse. My explorations led to discoveries which made me start to think there are secret reasons for the Moles – reasons not shared with the rest of us.

Skradski (general)

I decided not to show you the battlements on the top of this fortress. It appears that our army is prepared to repel invaders – I don’t know who they are, but one of them might read this post and I don’t want to give away our (admittedly feeble) defensive capabilities.

One last thing. If you happen to run into Skelly – I might have promised him immunity for whatever happened to the next visitor if he allowed me to leave unharmed. Sorry about that!

Skradski (general)
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  1. The Linden Department of Public Works Moles don’t get enough credit, in my opinion. More of their projects can be found via


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