A Sayopiyo Morning in Second Life

Gallery Sayopiyo (moderate)

It’s been more than a year since I visited Gallery Sayopiyo↑ and that’s just far too long. The name comes from the collaboration of partners Sayoko Moonwall↑ and Yoyo Quartz↑.

Gallery Sayopiyo (moderate)

I met the two of them briefly at an SL9B wrap party – they had the most exquisitely crafted avatars. I wish I had the talent to do portraits, they’d be amazing subjects. They are also two of the most charming and gracious individuals I’ve met inworld.

Gallery Sayopiyo (moderate)

Sayoko is primarily a photographer and Yoyo is a graphic artist. You can see videos of some of their work on their blog↑, as well as some images of pieces that are on display at their second gallery. There is a teleport link to it from this location.

Gallery Sayopiyo (moderate)

In a world full of unusual and beautiful gallery spaces, Sayopiyo↑ stands out. I’m not showing you the actual “building” (believe me, it’s unique) because I really can’t do it justice. This is a wonderful place to visit and a great way to start off the day. :)

Gallery Sayopiyo (moderate)
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