SL10BCC, Jumping Down the Rabbit Hole in Second Life

AIW – We’re all mad here! (moderate)

If your definition of fusion involves something like french cuisine with an asian twist, then Second Life has some surprises for you.

I landed on a sim named Goth↑ to find a build called Alice is Wonderland (I think it’s a typo, the word is “in” elsewhere) which combines elements of the well known story with steampunk, roleplay, combat, romance, and dancing. It’s doubtful that you could become bored in this type of a world. :)

AIW – We’re all mad here! (moderate)

“Down the rabbit hole” has a variety of meanings – for my purposes, we’ll ignore all of the ones which would get my blog an X rating. I’ve always used it to indicate a situation which is fantastical and out of the ordinary. One which doesn’t necessarily follow the rules of life as I know it. I usually use the term in a positive sense.

You have until noon SLT tomorrow to jump down a rabbit hole that you really don’t want to miss.

AIW – We’re all mad here! (moderate)

The first time I worked on a large community event it felt like I’d entered another world. There was a very large group of people (I mean in the hundreds) involved and they were all working together collaboratively and with spirit. It was the ultimate in the cliche of a large family-like atmosphere. We worked very hard and laughed so much that the source of exhaustion was often blurry. I had the best time of any life I can remember.

AIW – We’re all mad here! (moderate)

If you haven’t already, you have one more day to volunteer for the SL10B Community Celebration↑ and enjoy that type of experience. This will be the 10th anniversary of our world and the event will be very, very, special. Get involved! You don’t have to have mad technical skills – it’s about being a part of a team and creating something. Training will be provided if necessary – the point is to join in and be part of something.

Go to the website↑. You’ll find all the information you need and the forms that are crying out for your information. It won’t be the same without you! Walking through that door will be one of the best things you ever do.

AIW – We’re all mad here! (moderate)
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