My Alt is just Somebody I Know in Second Life

Miniascape (general)

Yazoo Rang↑ has created a group of mini-landscapes↑ for your exploratory pleasure. You begin with Alex Bader’s↑ tunnel of trees, emerge to find a meadow and a post-apocalytic town in the distance. There’s also a teleport to Death Valley (and who can resist that?).

Miniascape (general)

I took my alt out there this morning – not because I was hiding. This time it was because “the poor dear” had to accept some inventory. I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been feeling guilty because this avatar hasn’t been updated in years, so I finally did something about that.

Miniascape (general)

I realized – as I went through the process of getting new hair, eyes, skin, clothes, and an ao – that I don’t think of this individual as “me“. It would be more accurate to say this is a useful person I happen to know. Having said that, if I’m going to spend much time inworld as this account I’d prefer better scenery (so to speak).

Miniascape (general)

The update process was less painful than I expected, although I think I got scammed on an ao – the jury is still out. In addition, I’m not entirely happy with the skin but it is a major improvement. In any case, I’ll share the new version. I’m no Strawberry Singh↑ when it comes to portraits, but trust me – he is much easier to look at now. :)

Miniascape (general)
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  1. Jo

     /  May 12, 2013

    Love the blog — is it me or are his eyes like really big — almost laying on the outside of the socket?

  2. Lovin’ the Title … lol great post!

  3. I have an alt now – first time. Until now, I felt my Av was a version of me (ish). Now I have an Alt, I noticed that both feel less like me. Strange. One I use just to do things like visiting sites, has no friends and only 2 groups. The other is the “main” one, that has friends, lots of groups and does social things. btw, like the blog a lot. nice mood . . . .

    • I had finally created one to test male sits etc. He’s proven useful for other things,but he isn’t me although Honour definitely is. :) And thank you!

  4. First, thank you for not making a male with a wannabe-Hulk shape. Real proportions are far more attractive. Second, it is amazing how being in an alt makes one feel. When I’m in my pixy alt, for example, I’m certainly not Uccello. A sub-set of her, maybe, but there are things that make her cringe or blush that Uccello would hardly notice.

    • I could be wrong – but I think I bought that shape a long time ago and it had something to do with Johnny Depp :p

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