Early Morning & Guilt in Second Life

Lula (general)

I like early mornings, particularly at this time of year. The air is soft and the world is relatively quiet – apart from the birds gossiping outside the window and the domestic beasts who think it’s all about them (as usual).

Lula (general)

I can usually get things done at this time of day – or not, depending on how I feel and what my todo list looks like. Second Life is problematic though. Everybody I know seems to live in a different timezone, I’m barely sentient and they’ve been up for HOURS.

Lula (general)

Don’t get me wrong – I love talking to people, it’s just that they have an enormous advantage. They’re awake. I’ve taken to using my alt to tackle my inworld projects just so I’m not distracted. This allows me to get some work done, but it also means I feel an enormous amount of guilt.

Lula (general)

I don’t feel bad about hiding from my friends/contacts – I think most understand when people need to focus on a task. The problem is that I’m spending hours of quality time with an avatar who hasn’t been updated in years.  The poor dear looks like a refugee from 2008. One of these days I’m going to have to do something about that. :)

Lula (general)
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  1. Those houses look like some I’ve seen in villages and in the older parts of various towns here! :)

  2. It’s okay. You can hide from me whenever you want.


    • You I don’t try to hide from – I figure you understand when my responses are unintelligible :)
      ….. which I just realized makes absolutely no sense whatsoever ….. <3

  3. OMG those pics are so lovely and serene. I do think SL is getting more beautiful.

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