Considering Our Stories in Second Life

Sheherazade (moderate)

I’m going to suggest an exercise – one for you to do for yourself. I’m doing this partly because I wound up in a self-reflective mood this morning and, although I’ll admit I can be a little strange at times, I’d like to think it’s one that we all should consciously undertake on occasion. I found it a bit frightening – if revelatory.

It started for me on Sheherazade↑. I assume you know the tale↑ of  the woman who saved her life by telling a different story every night.

Sheherazade (moderate)

The sim is designed to facilitate your storytelling. There are free avatars and a magical landscape which will allow you to let your imagination fly.

This made me start thinking about how we create our own realities. It might be more obvious if you just think about Second Life – the avatar we create, the things we say about ourselves (even if we’re not involved in roleplaying per se, that’s what we’re doing), the world we construct around us.

Sheherazade (moderate)

I found myself thinking about the realities we create in the physical realm. As an extreme example, those people who embrace the constant belief that conspiracies rule the world. Even if their convictions are founded on paranoid fantasies, the fact that they believe colours the world they live in – it dictates their own actions and the way they interpret the motives, words, and behaviour of others.

If you don’t subscribe to their beliefs – well, your story about the world is different and has the same impact on you. What we believe and the story we tell about life makes it real in that we tailor our personal lives in response.

Sheherazade (moderate)

I started to think about my own life, the story I’ve created and the world I’ve built. One of things I had to confront is that my ruling planet is Inertia. I’ll wind up in a situation and, even if I’m unhappy, I’ll just stay there. The story I’m writing of my life could be visualized as a person stuck in the mud thinking about great things but not doing much about moving to dry land.

You might find this to be an uncomfortable exercise – I do – but I’m going to suggest you try it anyway. Look at your life, at the story you’ve told to create it. Think of it as a draft – you will perhaps want to consider a rewrite. I am. I think it’s time to remove the word “someday” from my script. :)

Sheherazade (moderate)
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  1. Inspiring, I have to visit that sim. Let’s see where it leads me. :)

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