Contemplating an Avatar’s 6 Year Evolution in Second Life

That’s My Current View of Me

This is what I see these days as I follow my avatar around the grid. Her development has been a slow and, looking back, fairly embarrassing metamorphosis over, what is now, a 6 year journey.

I’ve told you before that I didn’t worry too much about my appearance for the first 6 months – I was far too excited about learning how to build. It’s a good thing I have a strong stomach.

The First Me

When I first decided to work on my appearance, I was horrified by the skanky norm. It just didn’t feel like me. I forced myself to go out and shop and ignored the stares from those far more fashionable residents who acted like I might be carrying some contagious disease. :)

My eventual look was created from primarily tailored male clothes – and I stayed pretty much the same for years.

Me @ 6 Months (and for years after)

I didn’t really start developing my avatar until I saw my first painted skin. That changed everything! I’ve gone through a few, but I only switch when I see something that says “Yes, that’s me!”.

My celebration of 6 years in Second Life is in two parts. First, I indulged myself by having the great Strawberry Singh↑ do my portrait. She spoiled me with a few options – so this one is to show off. :)  I’m using a different version for my various profile pics (see the one to the right of the post).

Honour by Berry

As the closest thing to a fashion post I’ll ever do, I’ll share that the skin is Dragon by alpha.tribe↑, the hair is a modified version of _ZION_MORPHOSE by EMO-tions↑, and the earrings are by Coxigrue Borgin↑. The outfit is no longer available and will probably be worn until it falls off of me. :)

The second part of my Rez Day celebration was, of course, to do the Poppin’s Challenge↑. It’s not my best effort – but, as I have for all of my other annual naked plunges, I returned once more to Alpha Point↑. Like me it has changed over the years, but we’re both still here.

Yes, I’m 6!
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  1. Love the new look. Congrats on staying pixelated.

  2. Happy Rez day Honour. SL is a better place because you walk the grid.

  3. Inara Pey

     /  May 6, 2013

    Happy rezday, you old SL fogie! :D

  4. Happy rez day! Great evolution.

  5. A truly unique and wonderful avatar but I’m sure that’s because you are unique and wonderful yourself. Happy Rez Day!

  6. Happy rez day, Honour! Keep it up and never mind the bollocks ;)

  7. Pepys

     /  May 6, 2013

    In Paris on holiday but always time to read your blog, no matter where. I had imagined you as you look in your blog. Wow, nice avie (blah, blah…cliche, cliche, etc.) Happy birthday Honour!

  8. Happy Rezday! I love your look.

  9. Absolutely stunning! And Happy Rez Day :)

  10. Love the post, love the look, love the fact that, except for you winding up spectacular looking, our avie physical evolution has been virtually identical. I have posted about it several times, so I will have to sue you into last week for intellectual property theft etc.but I have ordered my legal team to sing ” Happy Rez Day” at the first deposition. Hugs:)

  11. Leanna

     /  May 7, 2013

    Happy (belated) Rezday!
    I *love* your new look, it looks wonderful!

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