Governance & Hope in Second Life

Sweety Bay (moderate)

I had lots of plans for today, but I’m underslept and foggy this morning so they’ll have to wait. I did manage a quick trip to Sweety Bay↑ so I thought I’d use it as a backdrop for a story about something I recently discovered.

Understand that I realize I’m probably the 12,946th person to trip over this development. Pretend that it’s news. :)

Sweety Bay (moderate)

I mentioned a while ago that some jackass has been sending me remote chat spam. I think it’s in an object s/he has put out for newbies because I get it from new residents, some of whom don’t appear to be this turd’s alts.

The nice thing about it is that I get offlines – so I have the record of the resident’s name and location. When it’s obviously an alt I just use that for the a/r. It’s been working too!

Sweety Bay (moderate)

The other day I got the offline and the name of the resident was (drumroll) Governance6 Linden↑. At first I thought it was a display name but it’s not. It is a Linden employee.

I found 5 of them, numbered 2 through 6. The oldest (#2) was created October 19, 2012. Another was born on March 19 and the rest on April 8.  You can see from #3’s profile that they are actually helping out there!

Sweety Bay (moderate)

The loss of the Governance Team was huge when it happened – the fact that there is now a new group is terrific. I don’t care that they’re anonymous. In fact, given what happened to one Linden when he was targeted by some pimply faced griefer (he was fired), I think this is wise.

I don’t even care if they have empty, generic profiles. The fact that they exist is positive and gives me hope. My new friend here was pleased as well. :)

Sweety Bay (moderate)
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  1. Who is number 1?


  2. Inara Pey

     /  April 25, 2013

    The Portmeirion Lindens … ?

    Seriously (in a tongue-in-cheek way), if they are kicking botties which deserve kicking, I’ll take ’em over the Alphabet Soup Lindens we all once knew ;-).

  3. Kayle Matzerath pointed out that the Lab currently have some interesting job hires out …

  4. I’m glad someone else is conscious that they are far from the first to find a sim and go ‘wow, this is good’!


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