Stumbling on Beltane in Second Life

Beltane (moderate)

It was one of those impulsive teleports. I’ve been visiting sims for a magazine article I’m writing and I had the map open. It wasn’t the one I was aiming for, but I saw Beltane↑ and it seemed like an obvious destination for this time of year.

Beltane (moderate)

It is almost May 1st and the Beltane celebration of fertility, fire, and abundance will soon be upon us. I was pretty sure I knew what to expect – I was just hoping that if there was a maypole it would be well done.  What I found ….. well, you can see what I found.

Beltane (moderate)

What shocked me far more than the gorgeous, dark, misty build was that the traffic count was zero. I don’t know the background or the purpose of this island, but dammit this is one of those jewels that shouldn’t be ignored. Of course, it’s possible that those who are using it for their special rites only visit on certain days.

Beltane (moderate)

I didn’t see any evidence of a curse waiting to punish me for my presumption. It’s quite safe to visit – the small horns growing out of my head are probably temporary. If they’re not, well, this landscape is worth it!

Beltane (moderate)
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  1. I especially love the last photo. Very haunting, yet peaceful.

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