Remaking My Own Paradise in Second Life

Paradise Lost Remade (moderate)

I’ve been simplifying my life – which is necessary but annoying. There are so many things I’d love to be doing, but there is a point at which you have to realize that being greedy just isn’t worth it.

Paradise Lost Remade (moderate)

I had so many projects and time commitments that I was always reacting and feeling out of control. It’s almost impossible to enjoy an experience if the mind keeps floating around to all the other things that aren’t getting done.

Paradise Lost Remade (moderate)

As a result of my recent semi-disciplined pruning, my life has fewer complications (as much as I’ll miss them). I might actually get some new things done. No, I’ll be positive and say I will do them.

Paradise Lost Remade (moderate)

I’m not saying I’ve found/created or remade Paradise (which is the  name of this sim↑). I am saying that the opportunity to pour another cup of coffee and quietly contemplate the day, rather than plunging in headfirst and feeling two-steps behind, is as close as I expect to get at the moment. I’ll enjoy it while I can. :)

Paradise Lost Remade (moderate)
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  1. I love your photography, very beautiful. I know what you mean about having to scale down sometimes :)

  2. Does this mean you killed off the ponies? 0.0

    And I agree with Sakkidra: Your photos (as always) are stunning.


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