A Bit of the Aegean Sea in Second Life

Armenelos (moderate)

I won’t bore you with the long twisted path which took me there, but I found another travel blog to add to my list. Bitacora Viajera↑ has posts/photos from a group of explorers and one of them reminded me that I haven’t shared Armenelos↑ with you. My bad!

Armenelos (moderate)

This sim is part of the Calas Galadhon↑ park; think Santorini↑ with the ability to fly. I find it a challenging location to photograph because of the amount of whitewashed plaster – it’s gorgeous, but getting the light just right (at least as I envision it) is tough.

Armenelos (moderate)

I focused instead on smaller subjects and details like the doorway to the church. This wasn’t a hardship mind you, I love tiles and the various elements in the build are well thought out.

Armenelos (moderate)

I’m spending more time these days fussing with all the things wrong I see in my images – this means they should improve, if I don’t trash the computer in frustration. This feeling is compounded by the resurgence of alpha layer issues I’m experiencing – I’ll go play with settings and see if I can’t fix that.

You should go visit the entire park, just make sure you include Armenelos↑ in that journey. :)

Armenelos (moderate)
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  1. I’ve been to this sim. Currently, I think it’s the only Greek-themed sim on the grid that looks good. It captures the colour, architecture and unique character of the Cyclades (especially Santorini, where I’ve been in RL with my fiancé three times so far) in a marvellous way, and is entirely devoid of the horrendous tackiness or the lingering nationalism and sense of “chosen people” exuded by the other Greek-themed regions. I highly recommend visiting it.

    It’s a pity, however, that Shu Mayflower abandoned her similar-themed attempts. Her sim, Cyclades (adult-themed), was really pretty in its first incarnation – but is sadly gone.

    • I agree, it’s a gorgeous sim. :)

      • The sunsets of Santorini are a bit different from your Windlights, though. You really have to experience it. And you might want to try a mediterranean midday setting too – these builds are just made for this sort of lighting. :)

      • Oh I didn’t think this was an accurate portrayal :) but I do plan to play with more settings to try and get what I wanted! First I’ve got to get some shadows behind the clematis to reflect its real presence, it looks too much like it’s been painted on the plaster in this one.

      • Here are some sunset photos of Santorini you might like. :)

      • thank you :)

      • You’re always welcome. :)

  2. Your photos just get better and better. Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful places you visit in Second Life! I wish I had enough free time to visit them all.

    On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 11:04 AM, Honour’s Post Menopausal View (of Second

  3. Thank you once again for including one of our regions and for the beautiful photos;) I know what you are saying with it being hard to photograph. I love to play with photographing it at night … with ‘lighting’ turned on if able .. and set to midnight. I tried to place ambient lighting here and there just for those night shots… Thanks again, honour!

  4. Ellen

     /  April 12, 2013

    Oh I so agree that this is a wonderful place; it’s actually my very favorite of the Calas sims, as I used to live in Greece and this brings back such great memories! Also Honour, thank you for the point to that other blog; it’s awesome!


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