Learning Stuff the Hard Way in Second Life

Zenshi South Two (moderate)

So we trundle along in Second Life, crawling up the learning curve and adding to our inventory of skills & knowledge. There’s always something new and we get to increase the number of little things that we can do in the course of our daily virtual existence.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to learn something and then put it away without thinking too much about it. It’s there, it’s been checked off and I don’t think about it again. Then something changes. If you’re a group owner or administrator there’s been a change that you should incorporate into your knowledge base. Well, there’s probably been more than a few changes, but this is one we encountered last night.

Zenshi South Two (moderate)

One of the groups I own isn’t very active at the moment – it was created to support an event. I received an offline a couple of days ago saying one of the moderators had ejected somebody. This, it turns out, is a new automated feature and I like it.

Last night I got another message about the same thing in the same group. It was a different name, but when I looked at the profile it was easy to see it was the same person. I decided to go inworld and temporarily make the group closed, just until this banana (as a friend of mine describes these types) found a new hobby.

When I logged on I discovered this dildo was still chatting in group. ?!? I went into the group profile to eject her again and she wasn’t on the list. Really! But she was STILL in group chat annoying the hell out of everybody.

Zenshi South Two (moderate)

Kicking people out of a group has always been an easy process and I could swear it meant that they could no longer participate in the group chat. But, there she was blithering away.

By this time there were about 5 moderators present and we were all stumped because she really wasn’t on the list of members anymore. We were talking to each other and group members who were all asking why we didn’t kick her. It was very twilight-zonish.

I started to wonder if she’d found a way to get around the rules about chatting in a group – some kind of hack. It didn’t seem like a reasonable hypothesis but, honestly, we were stumped. Then one of the mods, speaking to a group member, was told “Oh, then you didn’t mute her first”.

Zenshi South Two (moderate)

I don’t know if it’s a feature or a glitch. I also don’t know how, if it’s a feature, I should have known this – I’ve looked and haven’t been able to find it explained anywhere, but somebody has figured it out and, thankfully, shared it with us.

Whatever it is, here’s the scoop – if you want to kick somebody who is actively chatting  from a group, you must first open the list of chat participants in your Conversation Menu, right click on the person’s name and “mute text”. Then go kick them. If you don’t do this – they can just keep talking in group chat even when they are no longer in the *$%&)$&% group.

I assume (which is dangerous, but makes sense) that if they aren’t online or aren’t on the active group chat list, that you can kick them without this extra step.

I know there are changes being made to group management – this is probably, maybe, perhaps, one of them. Even if it’s only temporary, I thought you could benefit from our collective WTF moment. :)

Zenshi South Two (moderate)
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  1. Inara Pey

     /  April 6, 2013

    Hate to be pedantic, but…

    1. Have you raised a JIRA on the problem?
    2. If not, could you?

    Baker Linden is working on Group management again – specifically Group Bans. I’m not sure if his work will fill this particular hole (if kicking doesn’t silence a gabbling wombat, will banning them?), so it would be useful if this could be flagged (even again, given someone may have already JIRA’d & we can’t see it), so that it comes to Baker’s attention as he bangs on the code.

    If you do JIRA, could you ping me the BUG number, and I’ll pass it Baker when I see him next Tuesday :).

    • That was my plan :) I just need more coffee before I tackle JIRA :) And yes, I’ll pass you the number once I succeed.

    • I got a reply to the Bug report – apparently it’s known, has been reported multiple times – how the hell would I have known that you ask? beats me


    • I think I know which tool (and his alts) you’re talking about…

      • This person was new to me :) I don’t think you know her, really!

      • Well, I certainly don’t know that idiot personally, but I think I know which incident you’re talking about. The things said by that moron were a carbon copy of something that was said in the run-up to that particular event, so I guess I have a good lock-on to that “person”. And I highly doubt this user is a woman – the person who first spammed that garbage was a guy and I’m sure these were a few of his alts.

  2. That particular banana was working from a list of “talking points” in his/her/its tirade. I’ve seen the exact same text from different people, not just different alts. Organized trolling has come to Second Life, I guess. When I challenged him/her/it in single IM I got the same points or total silence when they couldn’t come back with a proper riposte after I show their fallacies to be.. er .. fallacies.

    • Bananas should know better than to debate you :)

    • These lower forms of online life are still at it, even though their bullcrap has been debunked numerous times and in high-profile blogs and websites. Yes, we’re talking about organised trolling and the whole matter is becoming highly political in nature. Expect to see more intense propaganda wars.

  3. jef mcmillan

     /  April 7, 2013

    Duh, it’s been like that for a few years :P it’s annoying, but like you assume, if they are offline or not in the Active chatlist, you can safely eject :)

    Hugs & love

    • jef mcmillan

       /  April 7, 2013

      Too bad i wasn ‘t there, i love messing with bananas..

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