Being Virtually Real in Second Life

Virtually Real (moderate)

Life is a state of mind  Being There↑

I expect we’ll be seeing a lot of images of Mother Earth in the near future – I took dozens of pics myself. She is one of the lasting memories I’ll hold of the new exhibit, Virtually Real↑, by Krystali Rabeni↑ as part of the UWA’s Full Sim Art Series↑ at LEA↑.

The artist explores the idea that the virtual isn’t a substitute for the real, but rather an opportunity to augment and inform the one with the other.

Virtually Real (moderate)

When you land you have a choice between exploring a maze, in an attempt to find yourself, or go directly down to sea level. I recommend the discover journey – you will be able to continue on to the land below, but the experience of the “finding” is one I enjoyed.

I won’t spoil the surprise with images, but it made me go back to thinking about something that has niggled at me for years. I’ve often wondered why, in a place which offers unlimited possibilities (unhampered by rl expectations or history), people make some of the decisions they do.

Virtually Real (moderate)

There’s a point in your journey where you decide what your purpose is. You can boldly wear that decision for all to see and, I suspect, some might be reluctant to do so. It’s one thing to make your way inworld and set out to be a jerk or a hound dog – it’s another to put it out there in plain text.

The fact is that we all decide what we want to “be” when we create our virtual selves. That “self” is revealed daily though, through our actions and interactions. I once wrote a post on asking yourself what you wanted to be known for. We’re known for what we do and how we do it. I worry about those who look at the immense range of possibilities and choose asshat. :)

Virtually Real (moderate)

My current theory is that some of us see the virtual as an opportunity to be, to do and to learn. Others see the virtual as a place to get.

I’ve always thought there must be psychologists and sociologists embedded inworld studying the phenomenon of the choices people make. Maybe we could find a few and ask them what makes us all take different routes when offered a clean slate. In the meantime, I recommend doing this journey. The exhibit officially opens this afternoon and it made me examine my own raison d’etre, but it’s worthwhile even if you don’t do a lot of thinking. :)

Virtually Real (moderate)

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  1. “It’s one thing to make your way inworld and set out to be a jerk”

    Pffft. It came naturally, honey.


  2. caramia Mizin

     /  April 4, 2013

    Honor, I took a brief vistt to VR last night, and will revist soon, tell me , is there a grp I can join to be advised when each new LEA installtion is opening ?

    • “Linden Endowment for the Arts Info” would be that group. Not everything gets announced only because the artists decide when they’re ready and sometimes don’t tell people :) Check the blog as well – and if you’re like me, every now and then just randomly hop from island to island see what’s up.


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