Inside the Head in Second Life

The Haven (moderate)

Don’t think twice, it’s all right. Bob Dylan

The Haven↑: People sometimes come here looking for answers…..sometimes they find them….sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes people come here for comfort, someone to listen and somewhere to feel safe and peaceful. This is more easily found.

The Haven (moderate)

Ahh, “answers”! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place you could find them. Somewhere other than your mind whirling around as you try and fall asleep.

That point when you wonder if “this” is worth “it”. I’m doing too much of that.

The Haven (moderate)

I’m not good with timing. I get too attached to the “this” and don’t give enough weight to the “it”.

I think about all the lessons I’ve learned – and other haven’t. Does it matter if they don’t feel the need? Does the resulting “it” render meaningless the “this”?

The Haven (moderate)

I could just retire to this porch and contemplate the water and the birds.

Of course, then I would just think too much and “that” is already a problem. :)

The Haven (moderate)
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  1. I learned about your blog from Mal Burns – I really like it. Thanks for doing it. See you around the Metaverse.

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