A Skinflint in Second Life

Waterland (general)

A few, brief, idle musings today all on a backdrop of a sim↑ where winter is obviously lingering, like much of the northern hemisphere I guess.

I have my browser set to delete cookies when I close it – annoying when I first open it because I have to logon to everything again, but it does simplify housekeeping.

Waterland (general)

I was bopping in and out yesterday and visited my blog page without logging on to WordPress. Gack! One of the downsides to being cheap and using the free version of this blog host is that they stick ads on my posts.

I don’t usually see them – if you’re looking from the inside out, you don’t.

Waterland (general)

I apologize to those of you who have to ignore them when you’re reading my scathingly brilliant thoughts. I don’t put them there and I certainly don’t choose them.

If you see something being advertised which is totally inappropriate – um, well blame the real culprits and try to pretend it isn’t there.

Waterland (general)

Maybe being the ultimate skinflint is what’s holding me back from a career as an inworld fashionista. I mean, I’d have to be willing to both shop for clothes continuously and spend money on stuff like that.

LOL ….. nah. Even money wouldn’t turn me into a fashion icon. :)

Waterland (general)
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  1. wow. awesome awesome shots. I love every one of them. Very good job.

  2. Lovely pix :) The ads I don’t see don’t detract from them at all. Look for a plug-in called Ghostery. It needs a bit of tweaking so that you can still use some features you might like (such as Twitter buttons) but the adverts usually disappear.

  3. Corcosman

     /  March 26, 2013

    I got an Improve Your Brain with Lumosity ad…..I can live with that : )

  4. Huh, I don’t see any ads. Not that I’m complaining.

  5. Inara Pey

     /  March 26, 2013

    The use of ads caught me unawares as well, the first time I came across it after someone pointed out they were seeing them & it wasn’t until I logged out and took a peek myself.

    The announcement that Automattic do insert adds is in a throw-away comment in one of the Help pages discussing why ads aren’t allowed on wp.com – which itself is semi-amusing in a wry way. It’s almost encouraged me to say, “stuff it” and pay for a private domain at wp.com – at least then some of the revenue from the ads comes my way rather than purely going to Automattic.

    • Yeah – well I thought about that but the cheap took over. However, I noticed that you can pay $30 a year on the free wordpress.com to have no ads put on your site. Again = I’m cheap.

      • Inara Pey

         /  March 26, 2013

        It’s something like $18 p.a. to get a private domain with Automattic & use their WordAds service. Like you, I’m cheap (and actually always wanted to keep my blog ad-free, so was decided narked when the “sneaky ads” started appearing), so am still undecided.

  6. Thanks for raising this. I don’t see ads on your site (Ad block plug in to thank I think) but it does occur to me that others might see them on my blogs, I might need to browse from someone else’s machine to see…


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