The Alphabet is Lost & a Great Experience Found in Second Life

The Lost Alphabet (moderate)

The Trial

In the most orange-red part of late afternoon, the executioner’s blood hour, a verdict was reached. There had been such horrible acts committed in the case now on trial, that even the instruments of the crime (the letters of the alphabet), were themselves put on judgment. The prosecutor’s proof was solid. Treacherous documents could not have been written without language, and language cannot be conveyed without the use of the letters of the alphabet. There was no denying this fact, and thus charged, the letters were shamed and severely sentenced. A, B, and C, in the company of 23 other letters and a host of punctuation marks and digits sat imprisoned, incredulous, with not a word to say. The black ink began turning cold and seemed unable to circulate any longer within their bodies.

The Lost Alphabet (moderate)

La Citta Perduta↑ is one of my favourite towns on the grid and it is always worth visiting. As of this afternoon you have a reason, even more compelling than its beauty, to get out of your skybox and go explore a fantastical part of the mediterranean.

The great artist and storyteller, Haveit Neox↑, has populated the town with people who have to come to grips with a huge problem.

Imagine your world if, suddenly, all the letters, all the text you are so accustomed to using, disappeared. This is the disaster which befalls the townsfolk. Have’s story, in 13 Chapters, tells what happens; the shock, the panic, the workarounds, the successes and heroes.

The Lost Alphabet (moderate)

I became a huge fan of this man and his work when I first saw 2nd Libations↑. He creates an immersive world and then allows us to follow the progress of his stories within – side by side with the characters he has birthed (much as Athena jumped fully formed from Zeus’ head).

He uses layers of textures and imagery and the most remarkable detail. In this case, for example, you can be part of the street celebration and you can join a man who gets out of his wheelchair to view it through his window.

The Lost Alphabet (moderate)

There are two ways to experience The Lost Alphabet↑.You can teleport from chapter to chapter (and use the notecard to give you a description of the town’s citizens activities). If you have the time (and I strongly recommend you take the time) you can explore the streets of this glorious city and experience the story as you encounter it around corners and inside buildings.

Have’s imagination is so big he needs these giant palettes to “paint” his stories. I don’t know what would happen if he wound up with, say, 6 regions for a single build. I hope someday I get to find out. In the meantime, go see this latest installation by one of my favourite people.

The Lost Alphabet (moderate)
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  1. Oh, total wow.

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