Visiting Construction Sites in Second Life

LEA18 Webseries by Marx Catteneo & Karakssus Jigsaw (adult)

I did some sneaky flitting around the LEA sims this morning – peaked in on some construction sites. I was protected though, sort of – the hardhat almost fit.

Marx Catteneo↑ and Karkassus Jigsaw↑ are creating a Webseries using this cityscape on LEA18↑ as their set. I’m not sure what the plot is, but there is a teaser video↑ and updates will be posted on Marx’ youtube channel↑. They are also promising an sl/rl drawings exhibition.

LEA20 Betty Tureaud’s Art Planet 2 (moderate)

Betty Tureaud’s↑ build is not yet complete, but she has a few levels installed and you’ll find a hud at the landing point↑ which will give you access. I admit that I resisted the temptation to go see what’s going on, although I’m very intrigued – you’ll have to discover that on your own. :)

LEA 16 Ascension by Mantis Oh (moderate)

This giant metallic creature may be a self portrait by Mantis Oh↑, or it might be the simple (?) Mantis Sphinx the artist claims. I will say that this↑ is a heck of a backdrop for a beach club and the events which are promised. It is really huge and complex and gorgeous.

LEA 20 Ole Etzel (moderate)

I have no idea what Ole Etzel↑ has planned for LEA 20↑. He has a variety of images on his profile so be prepared for almost anything if you go look. I will warn you about the man-eating shark though – good thing I have thick boots.

We haven’t had music on here for a while and talking about Ole gives me an excuse to show you (once again) a favourite machinima. Ole (as Mr. Bones) sings a song by John Hartford↑ – my first crush. His voice is perfect for this piece and he filmed it at an installation I loved by Simotron Aquila↑. Enjoy!

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