Cica does Rust & I’m Rescued by a Beta Viewer in Second Life

*Rust* by Cica Ghost (moderate)

The latest round of LEA Artist in Residence Grants↑ was just announced and already installations are appearing on the sims. I was curious to see how they’re progressing and got very lucky with the first place I went to see.

You might remember Cica Ghost’s↑ last exhibit, you know the black & white 2d world↑ that we loved. This time she has gone crazy with Rust↑, and it’s stunning.

*Rust* by Cica Ghost (moderate)

This build is definitely not 2d. There is a great deal of movement and so many wonderful objects that I’ll spend hours trying to capture them all.

Although the land info says the work is still under construction, she assures me that – apart from a few details – it is finished and ready for you to explore. Give yourself some time to investigate this creation – there is a lot to discover.

*Rust* by Cica Ghost (moderate)

I was a little distracted this morning, so these images aren’t truly reflective of this fabulous build. I received another long series of offlines last night – this time it wasn’t my horses gone walkabout.

I have the privilege of being the target of remote chat spam (fine, whatever). These came from brand new avatars, about one a minute and from a variety of the best sandboxes on the grid. The technical details are mystery to me – it must work something like a subscribowhatzit – it does appear in my local chat but also sends me an email.

*Rust* by Cica Ghost (moderate)

The good news is that the latest Beta Viewer↑ incorporates the CHUI functionality↑, so I didn’t lose any im’s when the spam capped my messages. That ability to recover communications you would otherwise lose is fantastic. Of course, I didn’t realize it was something I’d need for this particular reason.

My distraction didn’t, however, prevent me from falling in love. Trust me – when he winks at you, your heart will be his as well. :)

*Rust* by Cica Ghost (moderate)
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