It’s Raining Horses in Second Life

Timber Wilds (moderate)

Today’s location seemed appropriate given overnight developments in my virtual life. Timber Wilds↑ is a home for feral animal roleplay↑.

When I think of ferals I think of dogs or cats. Domesticated animals who have, for one reason or another, wound up living on the streets or in the bush without owners. I suppose you could have feral budgies or hamsters, but I get to deal with wannabe feral horses.

Timber Wilds (moderate)

I have quite a few breedable horses. I tell people I don’t know how many – which is true. If I count them I have to admit I have a problem. There are more than 3 dozen though – that I will admit. Or at least there were.

I woke up this morning to a series of offlines telling me that my horses were being returned from parcels up to two sims away from my home. I counted 18 before I logged on. Another 6 arrived when I landed inworld.

Timber Wilds (moderate)

When I started pulling them out of the Lost & Found it got a little strange. Some of them were upside down. Some of them rezzed high in the air and started falling. If you think raining frogs or fish is freaky – try having large equines drop from the sky.

While I was taking these photos, more “object returned” messages were arriving. As I’ve never counted them, I’m not certain how many more I should be looking for.

Timber Wilds (moderate)

I also have a cat and a dog. The cat was there, but walking at a 45 degree angle (maybe they all got drunk overnight). The dog, however, is missing. She doesn’t actually belong to me – her owner is my absent son. He logs on periodically using one of his alts, but only when I’m not there. Maybe he’ll show up and return her home – she’s going to be hungry soon.

I have to go back and finish my work, but I’m going to stay inside while I do. Two tons of falling horse can cause serious injury.

Timber Wilds (moderate)
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  1. Can I be a feral octopus?


  2. Ah, horses. I’d love a good rideable horse but unfortunately the only horses I ever owned, died in inventory (I do not own land). They rezzed lying down, with hovertext saying “This horse is DEAD.” I deleted them and never went looking for horses again, it was a bit too discomforting.

  3. Spiral Silverstar

     /  March 13, 2013

    ROFL! Okay, I know it’s not funny…….but, yeah, it IS! Poor Honour. :-(

  4. I’m a horse junkie these days too, boy I spend too much on alfalfa and salt licks. Is there a twelve step program for this? :)

  5. I made a small fortune on bunnies but got attached. I lost money on Meeroos and got attached again. Since I turned the latter into MeePets I can get them back for just a little money. Tried Booshies for a couple days. Got tired of having to feed them. I’ll stick to virtual virtual pets and animal avatars. Maybe I’ll take my eagle avie to Timber Wilds.

  6. <– is wondering why we didn't get pictures of reported horse events? :p

  7. slutrix

     /  March 13, 2013

    Given the horsemeat scandal that is now rocking all of Europe, your post’s text sounds strangely fitting…

  8. Inara Pey

     /  March 14, 2013

    Ah, Equus Precipitatious. A rare breed indeed.

    • just wish I could monetize that feature :p

      • Inara Pey

         /  March 14, 2013

        If you do, I’m sure we can reach an agreement on the use of the umm … “latin”. My rates would be reasonable :).

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